Gods Army and Irans Grand Strategy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. Its a shame the people at the BBC, Guardian and 'The Independant' don't read this.
  2. They seem quite inexpensive to run........I wonder if Tony Blair is trying to model us on them?
  3. It's a shame that Iranians aren't actually arabs then isn't it? One of the reasons they are disliked by many nations in the middle east is that they are Persian, not arab, so that chances of them actaully getting the other middle east nations to play ball are slim. Why do you think that the other ME countries allowed Iraq to battle them for so long? They may be a muslem nation, but since when has that stopped any tribes and other factions battling each other in that area?
  4. It has been suggested that the Iraqi leadership is touring Europe then off to the states suggesting a three state Iraq.
    The Kurds will be happy the Shites will be happy to join with Iran and the Sunneis will get somewhere for themselves.
    Nice one King George
  5. I don't think even that would keep them happy.
  6. Touring Europe? Stand by for the asylum claims.. On a lighter note, no way are the Turks the Syrians or the Iranians going to be happy about any kind of autonomy for a Kurdish region, federated or otherwise. Who is going to take the Turks on if they go south after the PKK?
  7. Last sentence of the last paragraph:-

    The US has been setting the agenda in the Near and Middle East for quite some time now - but are they winning or losing the battle? That's a more interesting question.

    Iran will NEVER lead the Arab world, for the very reasons already clearly identified: Arabs will NEVER accept Persian leadership, the fact that they are also Shia makes it even more improbable. It would be accurate to say that Iran is looking to rally Arab support in a common struggle against Pax Americana, but that is a totally different proposition to the idea that Iran is trying to be the regional hegemon.

    However, while all this talk is going on about the 'evils' of the Iranian regime, is America now taking it's eye off the ball? We have been lead to believe that global terrorism - sponsored by al-Qaida - is the enemy. Who is it that struck the Twin Towers? Who is it that attacked the USN Cole and so on? Has that threat gone? I think not. Unlike al-Qaida which has no infrastructure, Iran is a state that can easily be targetted with visible, tangeable results - just like Lebanon!
  8. While we think that the arabs wont take to Iranian leadership, Iran's leadership hasnt been disabused of the notion. Maybe the crisis in Lebabon may dissuade them but somehow I dont think they will give up.
  9. Proof please that they even have this notion.

    I think you'll find that the Iranians are under no illusion whatsoever when it comes to their inability to 'lead' the Arab world. However, it suits them very nicely all the time that people like you continue to bark up the wrong tree. I'll think you'll find their strategy (whatever it may be) is far more modest and closer to home.

    Until you actually can 'prove' that they are actually involved in the current crisis, it seems a little pathetic to be contemplating the possibility of them "giving up". Have you found anything to back up you fantasy claim that Hezbollah are really IRG in civvies?
  10. Good article that I think will improve one's understanding of the problem posed by Iran.


    "The Arab nations are frightened of Iran. The light is dawning in the minds of the Arab despots that Iran is a more immediate threat to them than to us. And they are right, in a sense. Like Churchill said of earlier appeasers, the Saudis are feeding the crocodile hoping it will eat them last."
  11. Ahhh yes Larry, another of your (in)famously un-haha-biased writers:-

    You know Larry, if you continue to read from a select closed-loop bibliography you're bound to hear the things you want.

    The GOP collective marches on.
  12. Merky when will you learn that the GOP Collective is Right and everyone else is Left. :D
  13. Becauase dear chap, the GOP are actually left when it comes to foreign policy and you're too blind to see it.
  14. Let's have a quick look at a few of the article's points:

    Just a few months ago, Iran's "Great Prophet" war games... proved Iranian naval forces could close the Strait of Hormuz (through which most of the West's non-Iranian oil flows) for some time.

    How much time? What's going to happen to the Iranian navy during this time?

    When Russia completes delivery to Iran of the thirty copies of its TOR M-1 antiaircraft missile system later this year, no nation that lacks stealth aircraft will be able to do much to Iran

    So the Russians are so clever that with a single missile system they have rendered non-stealth aircraft obsolete?

    The Hizballah attack on Israel has resulted in an Israeli response that is both highly destructive and far from conclusive

    Part of the article that a lot of ARRSErs will agree with.

    The Saudis should be told that if they decline to send troops and aircraft to enforce a Lebanese buffer zone against Hizballah... we will guarantee nothing but our own access to their oil, regardless of who reigns in Riyadh, Cairo or Amman.

    So you're going to say to the Saudis, 'If Iran invades you, we won't help you. However, if the invasion prevents us from buying your oil, then we will take steps to combat this', steps which would surely, errm, help the Saudis? And what have the govts of Egypt or Jordan got to do with Saudi oil?

    If this article is typical, then please excuse me if I decline the invitation to subscribe to the American Spectator.