Godd Puffa-type jacket; recommendations please

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bravo_Bravo, Nov 6, 2008.

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  1. North Face always seem good - but only do the left-handed zip..

    Thanks in anticipation.
  2. Rab clothing is awesome, but pretty expensive. You do get what you pay for though. I have a few bits from the Extreme range, and thoroughly recommend.
  3. North Face have dropped in standard by quite a bit over the past few years, i echo young lofty for serious applications go RAB everytime, if you're going to stand in a pub get North Farce....
  4. Another reccomendation here for the RAB.
  5. I would agree that Rab are probably the best on the market. However other good options (and slightly more affordable) are Mountain Equipment, Mountain Hardware and Marmot - a few years back this was the make of choice for many Apline Guides.
  6. Today, Cotswold online, Berghaus in the special offers section. My orders already in.
  7. I have the Rab Summit jacket and cannot fault it, whilst the wife has the Mountain Equipment down jacket (cannot be arrsed to go and dig it out to find out what it is called) which she rates very highly. They do a blokes version.

    Both were bought for a trip to Canada in mid winter and performed very well.

    You cannot go wrong with either.

  8. I've got a snug pack and I'm not mahoosively impressed
  9. It really does depend on where you are planning to wear the jacket! You will die of heat exhaustion in a Mountain Hardware Annapurna or RAB Summit in the Lake district even in the harshest winter (unless you are planning on bird watching or somesuch), on the other hand either of these jackets are essential wear in Scotland or Alpine region, both are incidentally stunning jackets in both performance and comfort.

    Both RAB and Mountain Hardware are quality gear, used by professional mountaineers all over the world (and many amateurs like me) Personally I think RAB have the upperhand purely because of their range of fills - weight and mix of duck and goose. I've had a RAB Glacier Jacket for 6 years, it's been all over and is still brilliant but not really suitable for Alpine wear; more like UK winters and skiing. I wouldn't use any other sleeping bag than RAB - but then again I spent over £600 on the one I have!

    Don't rule out Mountain Equipment, yes they have branched out into the "leisure/fashion" sectors and some of this kit is just that - fashion not practical unless you are going to Sainsbury but they do still have specialist mountain gear. If you are spending around £230 on a decent down jacket you can't go wrong with any of these companies, it will come down to fit - I find RAB a little tight across the shoulders and quite short resulting in me getting a larger size than I would normally in other kit.
  10. Did you get the additional 15-20% discount?
  11. This is why TNF have been giving freebie gear to any TV reporter who will wear their jackets. The BBC always used to buy Mountain Equipment.

    Alpkit have been getting a good name recently but it depends how much you want to pay. I bought a "Rolling Clouds" jacket from Field & Trek and its still giving brilliant service after many years hard use.
  12. Can vouch for ALPKIT absolutely unbeatable for the price. I have the older style Filo jacket great bit of kit, and there customer service is pretty good to.

    Zippy 483
  13. I seem to remember that RAB and Mountain Equipment gave massive MOD discounts. Reason why most of thatcham and then bicester's high end AT kit came from them.

    Alternatively get the Peak Smock, pulls over head, no hood, but packs down well
  14. North Face Nuptse Jacket.
    Warm as a hookers ass crack.
    ...more importantly they look the part!
  15. Mammut Stratus Hooded Jacket!

    Got one after seeing a few boys using them on my WCP course back in 2005 at JSMTC(B). Whipping them out and putting em on when belaying.

    Well toasty, taken mine to 2 Scottish winters, 2 Norways and 3 Summer Alps sessions.

    Comes in a few bone colours but the black one looks the business!