God/the sky is throwing Meteorites and Asteroids at us!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Jumping Jack, Feb 15, 2013.

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    Urals see Meteorites come to earth. Feb 14th 2013. Interesting footage.

    Damage: Russia meteorite explosion: Zinc factory wall damaged, windows blown out - YouTube

    There is speculation that the Russian Armed Forces made efforts to shoot them down (no evidence but the possibility was remarked upon on Radio 4 this morning.)

    An asteriod is due to zoom past our planet later. But s'ok they done some maths and stuff and we'll be fine.
    Article here (love the way Channel 4 mention London as if it has it in for the UK and wants revenge) :
    Asteroid to fly past earth - Channel 4 News

    Russia has been hit in the past, in 1908. Anyone who hasn't heard about it here's a photo and info. It knocked some trees down. Quite a lot of them.

    Tunguska event - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  2. More Tube stuff

    [video]INCREDIBLE Caught on camera Moment Meteor Hits in Russia - SCARY SOUND! 2/14/2013 - YouTube[/video]
  3. Its the end of the world I tells ya!
  4. Why a zinc factory in Russia?

    There must be loads of more deserving places that could have had a large redhot rock fall on.

    It could have done millions of pounds worth of improvement to parts of Liverpool for a start, then there are all those charming little places in North Korea or even Wales that could do with a good smiting.
  5. Any chance of another one destroying Canberra, obliterating it utterly, rendering it a benighted wasteland and a mute warning of the hubris, anguish and futility that so often attends human endeavour?

    Just asking like.
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  6. Borat's wife appears to be on Radio 4 describingk da ev-eyent. it was large explosion lightink da sky.

    Mark : look, you've had Sydney over-taken by plagues of homos, odd-balls and Poms. What more do you want?
  7. The total destruction of Canberra, that's all. I'm not the only one either.
  8. Can it please fall on Brussels and the EU!
  10. An asteroid with the potential to destroy London is going to narrowly miss earth - by 27,700 km.

    I hope they got their maths right.
  11. As long as it stays in the GLA and doesn't encroach into Surrey it could do alot of good.
  12. If it does hit London it should feature pretty low down the News at Ten priorities.

    "A meteor destroyed London earlier today. No British people were hurt"
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  13. the price of the London Congestion Charge may affect its desire to enter GLA
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  14. Asteroid, meteorite my rear end. Weapons testing thats what that was.

    Well thats what the voice In my head said when i took the tin foil off to scratch it. My head that is not the voice. You cant scratch voices, you can get scratchy voices but thats something different. Oh look a squirell....
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  15. On the contrary, if it takes out everything South East of Market Harborough it wouldn't be a bad thing.