God Squad Say Charity is Bad

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Soldier_Why, Mar 6, 2005.

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  1. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    The religious freaks are at it again:


    It would be laughable it these weren't the same people who only last week were proposing non-custodial sentences for paedophiles.

    Still I suppose less abortions means more lovely little kids for those Catholic missionaries! :evil:
  2. Well if thats the case, i can justify not giving a dime to comic relief as im 99% sure that they have donated to groups helping illegal immigrants, prostitutes, LGBT issues etc.

    What a lot of shoite!

    How about helping some of the less fortunate already in our country?

  3. Wot.. you mean like the Cnutservative party. Now there's a bunch of no-hoper ex-cons in need of charity
  4. "non-custodial sentences for paedophiles."

    I have stated my views before, If Paedophiles can be 'cured/reformed' then they must live with the children/grandchildren of the supporters of this view.
    Judges /Lawmakers who hold the 'cure/reform' beleife must also provided their kids/grandchildren to progress this expieriment.
  5. So the rise of fundamental christianity is happening :roll:

    Scares me more than Fundamentalist Islam 8O
  6. To the lions! All of them!
  7. I think the comment is more starving little kids...

    Catholosism - the only church to support famine in Africa...

    Viems expressed are entirely my own, nowt to do with Arrse. I await the incoming...
  8. Are these the same catholics that say you will go to hell if you have sex before marriage...and then go off and get their choirboys to suck them off?
  9. Damm Right, any money that you feel should go to charity now MUST go to the church. After all it is nearly broke now that it has had to pay out over those pesky lawsuits in the States.

    The Church can be relied on to do your charity work for you, look at the admirable job it is doing in South America denying contraception to parents so poor that thay have to sell a child to feed the rest (of which they have many, no contaception remember.) Or indeed in AIDS ridden Africa where condoms are not required just an iron adherence to The Word of God.

    Rumour has it the church killed the last reforming pope in 1978, this one might just be kept on ice until the Curia can decide on a candidate conservative enough not to rock the boat.
  10. And the same who deny that Christ was married to Mary Magdolin, and the same who denounce homosexuality as "the devils work" .......well its OK as long as its with little boys :evil:
  11. ah, good to see irrational fenian bashing is alive and well in England!
  12. What's irrational about it? :wink: :D

    Let's face it any new revision of the Bible should start 'Once upon a time...'
  13. Secterianism is alive and well and it lives on this board.

    Have a go at the Jews, Muslims and Blacks to see how far you get with it.
  14. journo???!!!
  15. Well if you insist

    Religion is all bollox aint it, no matter if your a muslim, a yid, a christian, etc...

    Why believe in some best selling book (the bible) that was written 400 years after the supposed events were meant to have taken place, Youve all heard rumours at some point, and how messed up are they by the time get to you from the truth, so take that time and multiply it by 400 years.

    Turn water into wine!! yeah right wine into water no doubt, if it indeed happend.

    The Koran:- same type of book as the bible just in a different language and some bits added.

    The turin shroud, so what !some one was good once he had consumed all this water into wine stuff, and managed to swamp on a blanket in the shape of a face , the p*ss stain couldnt come out, and people worship this?? if thats the case the stores have plenty of P1ssed on mattresses that will be worth millions soon enough, beside the shroud was carbon dated and even then the dates didnt match up!

    People use religion as an excuse to start wars, or for hatred, when in all religions bar OBL's they all say live along side your fellow man, not live along side your fellow man, except for the french.

    Lets face it , i dont care about religion never have, people make of it as they will, and twist things round to justify a cause, and then say its the word of God!

    If you want to believe in religion thats your choice!