god squad annoyed at UK Armed Forces Humanist Societies Posters.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BuggerAll, May 3, 2011.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I have just received this e-mail from the Armed Forces Humanist Society:

    Dear member!
    ... This is an update - as promised - about the use of the posters that I agreed to have withdrawn two weeks ago. The complaint came via the Royal Navy Chaplaincy, and the main points raised were as follows (my explanatory comments are in bold brown italics):

    1) They disagreed with our "assumption" that there are 24,000 personnel in the Armed Forces who are not religious ...
    We got our information from the MoD's DASA records [Table 2.13] which details those in the Armed Forces as of "No Religion". I'm told - and I quote - "... that just because a person does not declare a religion on JPA, it cannot be assumed they are not religious".

    ...The truth is, JPA does not offer "Atheism" or "Humanism" as alternatives ... Nor is "No Comment" an option ... So in the case of a religious service person who does not wish to divulge their religion, they have no other choice than to key in "No religion". Thus, the MoD claim, someone who ticks the"No Religion" box, is not necessarily "Not religious" - they might just wish to keep the issue as a private matter.

    As a result, the MoD claim the figures shown are not an accurate record of those who are not religious within the Armed Forces ...

    2) Umbrage was taken to suggestions that some people may feel obliged to attend chapel services because they are told to...
    I was advised that no one is obliged or instructed or otherwise coerced into attending services … people are given the choice to have “down time” when others are at a Church Service of their choice …

    3) Comments about anyone baulking during the praises to God during Remembrance Day Services ...
    I was advised that whilst non-Christians are not excused during prayers on Parade, they are not forced to take part in actually praying...

    4) Comments that ... "We work from the baseline that people in general can be good, moral citizens, without religion, and are sometimes better for it."
    ... This was felt to be rather antagonistic towards other faiths/beliefs

    … Bearing these points in mind, I will issue some posters sometime next week to be reviewed by the Royal Navy Equality and Diversity Unit for their agreement before promulgating to everyone.

    But I can tell you that The Chaplain of The Fleet has agreed to meet myself and Andrew Copson, and I believe Andrew and the Reverend Scott Brown’s PA’s will be getting in touch to arrange it shortly. I will of course keep you informed as developments take place …

    Chaplain, UKAFHA

    The offending poster:

    RN Poster.jpg

    The utter cheek of these people.

  2. tell em to **** off?
  3. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Firm but fair Mr R! I find their droning on offensive, antagonistic and bolloux.
  4. Bring back compulsory Padres hour on a Friday afternoon once a month and regular church parades on a Sunday as it used to be I say!!!
  5. I find it works with everyone apart from one person

    and that because I'd never tell my nan to **** off she'd kill me dead
  6. Surely if you're an atheist then joining a group about it, sort of defeats the object.
  7. Had this discussion in Afghan. Out of around 60 blokes that had been in some pretty serious combat not one of us thought about God (or didn't admit to it at any rate).
  8. An interesting poster but not strong enough...It should state boldly that god is a primitive myth and that all religions are mumbo jumbo.... for a start. :)
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  9. That will be why it is the second biggest tick in the religion box in this country is 'none'. We far out way the numbers of the Islam faith.

    And TBH FJ I don't think the 'Humanist' name works very well in the armed forces.
  10. I think we (or most of us) have now come round to seeing the truth. Unfortunately it'll take the muslims another 500 years or so.
  11. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    The Christian faith 500 years ago was not dis-similar in attitude to present day Islam. Wouldnt be at all surprised for there to be a grain of truth in that...
  12. This just sort of sums up religion in general im afraid. If you are religious then fair play but they always like to shove it down the throats of everyone else, bloody ridiculous.
  13. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I've got ND on my dog tags, which I'm told stands for 'No Denomination.' I've been reliably informed that if I'm ever captured I'll be in for a pretty shitty time, apparently the only thing the Taleban hate more than Jews and Christians is filthy non-believers like me.

    All praise the flying spaghetti monster.

    About « Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
  14. msr

    msr LE

    I see your ND and raise you with ATH... which also contradicts BuggerAll - you can have atheist on JPA
  15. I think your in for a bumming nomatter what your neck says