God save the King?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Livin_on_a_prayer, May 29, 2006.

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  1. Odd question, pretty mundane really :eek: . But i've wondered, if we have a King, does the national anthem change to 'God save the King"?
  2. This must be a Wah....
  3. you think :?: :?: :?: :?:
  4. Agreed.

    Still it will be interesting when all the cap badges and stamps/coins etc etc get changed.

    Not many people around that can remember* the last time it all happened.

    *There are lots of people who where alive when it happened but it was so long ago that not many of them can remember anything. :)
  5. Yeah I'll be riveted... It will be bloody annoying actually because I'll have to start polishing yet another new cap badge...
  6. 8O Double wah! 8O
  7. For a minute there I thought the Queen was dead. Fortunatly anything with HM in the title stays the same, now that's thinking ahead.
  8. is it true they have designed the kings coranation medal!
  9. On reflection, is it really such a daft question? After all, The Queen is the Duke of Lancaster, has a King's Troop and a cousin called Princess Michael.
  10. Well i'm very bored at the moment, just waiting for the Zulu's to attack...
  11. Just got to the old "Fix...........BAYONETS" bit. "You slovenly soldier Hitch"

    Back on topic, I thought she was dead as well when I read the title.
  12. Regarding the changing of crowns etc.

    1. There is no such thing as a "King's" or "Queen's" crown. Although often referred to as such when speaking of cap badges this is in fact incorrect. The current crown used by HM The Queen is the St Edwards Crown and was picked for use by the current monach due to its lighter weight compared to the other state crowns available for use. This is a matter of personal choice for the monach who has the right to use any of the crowns. Therefore should the Prince of Wales become Charles III he could if he so wishes use the same crown. The previous reigning queen, Queen Victoria used a different crown again from that used by HM The Queen or her father King George VI.

    2. Badges such as those of the Royal Military Police and the Corps of Royal Engineers which include the royal cypher will need to be changed.

    3. Just as matter of interest, it is also up to Charles to decide by what name he wishes to be known upon ascending to the throne. This is why we have had so many by the name of Henry, Edward and George. Often monarchs choose a name with a good history behind it. Looking at the events that befell King Charles I and King Charles II, maybe a change of name might bring the Prince of Wales a bit of luck, or maybe as King Charles III he will continue to take flak from all sides and confirm it as a name of ill omen.
  13. Long live King Timothy?
  14. Language Timothy!!!