God made me cancel my own crucifixion

Ah Dominik, I much prefered you when you presented 'Games Master' back in the day...

Begs the question though: what, exactly, did he hope to achieve by being crucified?
lol have visions of patrick more giving it

"And for my next challenger the challengers must be nailed to a cross with out collapsing in heap and weaping like a big girl before anyones even seen a nail"
The bloke is a kn0b - typical idiot journalist for a paper that people read from back to front - to get the football first - whilst moving their lips.
Rumrunner said:
'God made me cancel my own crucifixion'

BRITISH broadcaster who travelled to the Philippines to be crucified on Good Friday for a television programme pulled out of the stunt in tears yesterday — and blamed God for his decision


No balls or just a reality check?

on the same page.


Any clubbers out there? That's a hell of a lot of seals to get through!
Why exactly did he even think about doing it? Not only that he also cheapened the experience of the others, in the words of the only westerner to have been nailed to the cross.

They go through pain and other emotions to feel closer to their god and for various other personal reasons that I can't even begin to understand. Then this blubbering fool turns up with cameras. Those that would carry out this act are focused on what they want to do, and would not drop out. I really struggle to comprehend why he needed to "find himself" on camera!!!
Nail 'em up, Nail 'em up I say.

Would like to have seen it had he not had the option to bottle it. After all JC didn't have that option.

Why exactly was all this being filmed again?
Big girl's blouse Diamond! Funnily enough he used to knock around with Steve Wright. Wrighty took over the breakfast show from Noel Edmonds, who used to do TV shows with Mike Smith. Who funnily enough it was demanded be crucified by the BBC when he bungey-murdered that bloke...

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