God I love Police brutality!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by VarSity, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. Just got off the phone to my Uncle Steve who has an interesting story to tell.

    Friday night my uncle gets woken up to what sounds like World War Three kicking off in the street outside his flat, he has a look outside and there is a dozen or so Uber Chav’s complete with cum buckets (often called girls in some sections of society) making loads of noise and setting fire to the bins in the street, making a lot of noise and generally working up to their next ASBO.

    Anyway after a swift phone call the police turn up (SHOCK HORROR!) en mass! Turns out my Uncle lives just a few streets away from a couple of clubs so when a dozen coppers turn up Steve settles in for for what might be a really good fight, unfortunately these particular chav’s have not had their Iron Bru and more or less mass together heads down and looking like 12 years old whilst the coppers begin to give them a right good telling off and pull a few from the group and decide to knick them.

    As one of the smaller stains are being hadcuffed the “Tallest, fattest and most ginger munter you have ever seen” decides she doesn’t like the idea of her toyboy being knicked and starts to get very load and very mouthy, calling one of the coppers (who happened to be build like a house) every name under the sun before finishing it off by spitting at him..

    Well then all hell breaks loose! Said copper back hands the cow sending her flying (My Uncles dead, he heard this blow connect... and he was three floors up in his flat), before single handed charging into the assembled mass of chav’s, with the rest of the coppers following close behind.

    End result, every one of the Chav’s and slags nicked, coppers looking very pleased with themselves and creating more noise laughing their ARRSE’s off then the Chav’s ever did and Uncle Steve going to bed with the biggest smile on his face since he encountered those two lady boys in Thailand.

    Anyone else got any other interesting storys of Police knocking seven shades out of people?
  2. Outstanding drills by those coppers!

    I hearby award them the coveted Gene Hunt Award for Policework, AKA The Golden Shoeing! 8)

    The Gene Hunt Award is second only to the Judge Dredd Clean Kill Awards(AKA The Robocops)... :twisted:
  3. The thing is, they could have mouthed off for eternity without anything happening, they could take the piss or be as loud as they want, but the minute you start spitting that's it, they'll go through you, nick you and drag you down to the cells for the night.

    Why people think the police will be any different is beyond me, if you walk down the street and start slagging someone off they'll just walk away, if you spit at them they'll come right at you.
  4. When will the video be on U-toob?
  5. I wish! My uncle is not one for technology, maybe we can see if the coppers had one of those new fangled cameras on their shoulder... maybe we can get the tape under freedom of information? hehe
  6. Standing by to be corrected, but I always thought spitting on someone constitutes an assualt.

    Anyway it's fcuking disgusting and they got what they deserved. Just hope none of the coppers gets a complaint/suspension against them... :roll:
  7. Someone I know in my local is a copper. He's part of the TSG, and an instructor and Hendon. He has a shite load of great stories to tell. Usually involving football hooligans, or protest marches.

    The TSG guys go out dressed up in all the gear and love it!
  8. Serves the chav cunts right.
  9. Good on them eh!
  10. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I was custody officer one night, and a scrote who was well known for being a junkie, a thief and general rectum came in to answer bail, accompanied by his brief.
    As I was taking his details, I got to the point of asking his name and address, and at that point spat in my face. I didn't think at all and punched him square between the eyes.
    Then I remembered his lawyer, whom by this time, the scrote was bleating to. Making allegations of assault and wanted to make a complaint. The lawyer, who was also well known to us, simply told the miscreant that no assault had taken place, and that if he ever considered spitting at anyone again, then he (the solicitor) would punch the spitter twice as hard as I had.

    I bought him several beers when we next met. (The solicitor, obviously)
  11. Yeah, that's the kind of police work I'd love to do! :twisted:

    TSG are "descended" from the legendary SPG... 8O 8)
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Nice one - now if only this happened up and down the country! Another thing: They could have nicked the stupid gwar the second she opened her gob - breach of the peace, rude and threatening behaviour, being a gwar and thus offensive etc etc etc.
  13. What a load of pish.
  14. During the Mayday 'riots' a couple of years ago the police were getting pelted and quite rightly may have got a bit heavy handed.

    I was with the main body of rioters/protesters and gradually got separated from my oppo. There was a small group in maskes next to me who began chucking bit's of wooden pole (from banners I assumed) at the main police line. I was getting shots of all this but carefully as I was aware that the hooded scrotes were watching me. Sure enough 1 or 2 began to scream at me and then make grabs for the camera. From behind me 3 burly blokes suddenly appeared, one pushed me in the back and shouted 'stop filming, NOW'. I'm stuffed I thought, I'm going to have to explain to ITN that I'd lost their camera.

    However instead of laying into me, the 3 blokes punched a couple of the hooded/masked scrotes to the tarmac and give them an expert kicking.

    I didn't film it as I suspected at the time it was some 'off duty' hi jinks and anyway they helped me out.
  15. I was on the 66 bus in Glasgow on saturday night anyway the bus stops and a drunken ned gets on gives the driver some verbal and then comes to the back of the bus to where me and my mates are sitting,and a load of birds on thier way back from a hen night

    he then starts giving us and them some verbal abuse ,we are too pished to care anyway having been partaking in the quaffing of ale since lunchtime as it was a mates leaving piss up. When the bus stops at the next stop on sauchiehall st and 4 guys in suits you could tell from their style and the hair cuts they were all coppers get on the bus ,flash their warrant cards and with that the bus driver points out the little ned who thinks hes dead hard to them, 2 of the marched up the bus dragging the scum by his hair and then pushed him out of the bus door where the other 2 promptly gave him the kicking of a lifetime to a round of applause from everyone on the bus, when they got back on. I think it was the best peice of proactive policing I've seen in along while from Strathclyde police