God I hate this advert! Aaarrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by greyfergie, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. Do you keep watching it 'cos there's a bird in the bath in it? Does it make you want to go back to sheep, is that it?
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  2. yeah, but you'd still do her.
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  3. Too right, I'd plumb her as long as there's no hair in the plughole.
  4. I would, as long as she kept her mouth shut cause it leads me onto my next new post of whats the most irritating regional accent that really fucks you off ~ for me Yorkshireish ala this advert or Geordie ala Shezza or finally Scouse ala any lass from Liverpool!
  5. We're too old now FFS~ I'd give meself a bad back climbing into that bath!
  6. There is something of the pads wife about her.
  7. You can't beat a nice scots black face or merino for a bit of antipodean fun [but you wouldn't want to introduce her to your mother!]
  8. I've decided I'm irritated [not 'ing] today..........
  9. She has a head like a rugby ball with freckles, and speaks utter dribble about taps.
    I still would though :)
  10. Are you annoyed that the HSE banned people from using rotating machinery when you are typing?

    You titanic cock.
  11. She's got a proper moonhead but I'd probably rickle her prune.
    You're right though, its an irritating advert!
  12. Why don't you fuck off spunk swallower......
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  13. This could get interesting, now, where's that popcorn?
  14. I dunno if its the most annoying. What I do know is that this morning was the first time I've seen the new 3 advert, the one with the moonwalking horse and its since been on about 20 fucking times. It's rapidly approaching Barry Scott/ cillit bang levels of cuntery.
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