god I am bored

Discussion in 'REME' started by julias-limbani, Mar 13, 2011.

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  1. Is it just me or is anyone else thinking that the army is just like a bit of a prison sentence?

    For example, when you ask someone how long they have done, if they have done less than 12 years they will say with enthusiasm how many years they have done and what rank and qual they have achieved but if you ask anyone who has done more than 12 years they will tell you how long they have left to do as if its a sentence.

    Dont know about you fellows but for me the fun has well and truely gone from this job I once loved.

    Please prove me wrong.
  2. Sorry, totally in the same boat as you. 20 years done and every day seems to sap my morale and life more. Im still fit and want to get on with things but find the beaurocracy and idiotic decisions by our Officer Corps just seem to hammer each nail in the coffin. It feels as though all these staff officers knocking around in RHQ, DEME(A), Bde HQs etc have no concept of what is happening on the shopfloor and all that they are interested in is generating work to justify their existence. 80% LEAR? 10% manpower? No problem, oh and you can still do STT, IST, MATTS etc etc etc. Bullsh!t! No wonder Bn's have a bad name, there's no fecker there and they're not allowed to spanner.

    Good news is I didn't come off the VEng board last week!

    Wonder how our cuts will be made when the plan comes out? LE & lads before DE I bet.
  3. It's not a job it's an adventure young Julius. I'm currently living the dream and in only 6 hours will be departing to Her Majesty's finest Wiltshire training area in my Aluminium chariot. I'm planning on charging around for a fortnight, driving through pennings and knocking down plantations in my fine steed.

    If you're not feeling the love, perhaps you could meet up with some old friends for a pissup in a small inbred village. If you were to wear your corps tie, perhaps the village idiot would take such a shine to it that you would be forced to gift it to him, in order to secure his wobbly headed departure.

    Failing that get a posting far far away from the Royal Sigs.
  4. Bored too, watched a doc the other day about a womens prison, better accommodation loads of lesbos, staying in bed all day, no moronic officers to muck your day up,

    thing is I paid loads to do **** all, for no ******* reason by some fuckwit (who could never get a job in the city)

    Get away from the corps... run like the wind, at the speed of a thousand ga...... dam it I am institutionalised
  5. Aaaah. Is the grass always greener on the other side? Get a good hobby or focus on personal development if bored and try and add value to those who may look up to you in whatever innovative and legal ways you can think of.

    At least you are getting a wage, albeit not perhaps fully earning it due to the alleged incompetence of others. The pension deal remains better than for most others in the country (for now!)

    Dont allow yourself to be bored!!
  6. Yes..........
  7. I got bored, slightly disillusioned, signed off. Never looked back!
  8. Good news........... but is the grass always greener?
  9. No, your not bored, you're just boring, choose your words with more care.
  10. I left 14 years ago after 27 years in uniform. It's not rosy out in the land they call Civvy, far from it. Out here, you have to work for a living, you can't go and hide in the MT or stores or walk about with a piece of paper saying you're on your way to a meeting; you have to think for yourself and manage your own affairs. You are accountable for your own actions.

    In the Army, Navy or RAF, you could generally hide a cock-up by blaming either the system, your immediate superior or an officer but never yourself. In this place where the land is said to be greener, you have to take it on the chin, you fukk-up, you take the sh1t.

    Things only settle down to equality once Joe Civvy and Mr (or Mrs) Military have retired albeit one may have a larger pot of gold to piss up against a wall than the other. But you can then lie in bed and do the square root of sod-all and nobody (apart from your better half) is going to tell you to sweep the square, polish your boots or get a haircut.
  11. If you went through your forces career with this attitude no wonder you thought civvy street was harder......
  12. Ok not ALWAYS, but 90%....

    99% of statistics are made up on the spot you know.
  13. All_I_Want: No, I didn't go through Service life with an attitude, in fact if you get that big coloured badge on your arm, you haven't - but you're in a position to notice it more in others.
  14. Civvy street is fcuking awesome. All you need is some time in green to appreciate it, and to stand out from the retards.

    Anyone who thinks it is hard, probably found life in green hard as well.
  15. Well I wonder how many of us will be finding out how hard it is on civvy strasse soon?