God help the ACF

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by poorlytrainedidiot, Nov 16, 2005.

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  1. i have worked with the ACF and have seen enough senior cadets with more kit than our G1033 stores hanging off them but after finding this i am slightly worried. Is walting now taught in cadet units? if you read through some of this stuff, the kit they talk about would never be used in most regular regiments so why the fcuk have these kids got it?? half of it appears to be utter bollocks, my favourite being summer and winter SAS smocks (will happily be corrected if they exist)


  2. Bets on him talking to a grown-up Walt or spinning tales? Either way: :roll: :lol:
  3. judging by the blokes picture he's tayforth otc, so why won't he come and play with the bigger boys on arrse instead of chatting up 14 year old cadets?
  4. Fair enough the cadets having the kit, it's a hobby, something to spend their money on. The real scary bits are the adults who go on about the kit they have...
  5. If the kids want to spend their money on "gucci" kit then let them to be fair the stuff they get issued can be pretty siht.

    I must admit buying NBC suits is taking things a bit far.

    As for adults it is up to us what we waste our money on, however some guys do take it a bit far.
  6. Sadly Dozy, he wasn't - although clearly his tale has grown a bit with the telling. Spoke to admin on the site - and very nice people they are too, very committed to ACF - and they have amended the post slightly to ensure that it remains as a good discussion about equipment without naming names and identifying units.

    I must admit it's the first time I have seen ARMY CADET FORCE .com Fairly impressed, it seems to provide an environment a lot more suitable for minors than we can readily provide here in ARRSE.

    DB, I'll give you more info about walt/not walt next time we chat.

    (Edited following discussions with other site admin)
  7. Me I wear me issue kit, other than a norgie and lowa boots, both pressies.

    It does worry me that some of my cadets are tempted to buy lots of expensive gucci kit. I tell all parents not to spend anything for the six months on cdt kit, other than boots of course
  8. Must put that old SAS/PARA/INF sniper smock on Ebay :) and flog it to some numpty 13 year old
  9. Hmmm...the stuff cadet get issued now is generally quite good. Most of them get brand new soldier '95 trousers and combat jacket and most cadet units have a bergen or two to issue. 58 webbing is still the norm, but to be fair, we hardly ever use webbing except when doing field craft and skill at arms.

    Makes me laugh when cadets boast about kit...two pairs of Pro Boots?! Why?! I had one pair of pro boots for seven years, and that's cos I only wore them 4 hours a week and a few weekends and camps throughout the year!
  10. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Well, I have a windproof smock and a para smock. The para smock is older than some of the members here (I won it in about 1984) and is still in good nick and the windproof is my choice, I bought it new last year because I wanted one...simple as that.

    As the ACF has issued me no kit then I will wear what lasts and has big pockets for tissues, plasters and all the little necessaries for when the little darlings fall apart.

    In the regs and the TA I would never have bought a smock because I got issued what I needed or traded favours like we all did. If I went on weekend camp with the ACF only with the kit issued to me by the ACF I would be hanging around camp stark naked with a capbadge sellotaped to my head and a belt round my waist.

  11. And your problem is????????????????????? :D
  12. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    It would be embarrassing and I would have to keep explaining that it isn't normally like this but the weather is cold.
  13. They would appear to be a bunch of kids having a good time, minding their own business and not harming anyone or anything apart from the overblown sensitivities of the originator of this thread.

    This 'every one is a Walt' bit is played out now. It was funny on the grown ups threads. It's dull now and repetitive.

    I'd far rather that kids spent money on something like that than on dope and drink.
  14. Not a bad point, would you rather little timmy and chums spent their evenings hanging round sainsbury's car park drinking white lighting and spending their money on puff, or spend their evenings in a drill hall or at home watching the a-team and spending their money on SAS smocks?
  15. put it this , if they buy the right gucci kit , then should they join up full time in the Regs/TA, it will be already there and as has been elsewhere the issue kits can be rubbish or not issued at all !
    then it could become a good investment, if they leave they can always sell it on Ebay as SAS kit :)