God-bothering or wind-up?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Enlightenment, Nov 6, 2008.

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  1. Don't ask how, but I ended up with this pile of nonsense in my browser. Being in need of a bit of an outrage release, I started reading it, and sure enough started getting very cross.

    Unbelievable God-Bothering Link

    I very rapidly realised that it MUST be a wind-up, however. The views on masturbation are brilliant:

    Menstruation similarly:

    There is reams of this stuff, you couldn't make it up! Well I couldn;t anyway - clearly someone has.

    In order to resolve this I intend to ask for clarification on whether JC had a guzzle of vinegar or a drop of the old wine and myrrh prior to popping off. This is not a particularly imaginative question, there are thousands of such contradictions in The Bible, but I will keep you informed of the replies that I get.

    I am confident that many ARRSErs will be much more imaginative than I in investigating this matter, and if it is (as I suspect) a wind-up, the answers should be very amusing. If it's for real they should be even better.

    I would suggest a round of applause for the most imaginive question and the most entertaining reply.
  2. He's a KKK nutjob check out my signature.
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. dangerous to pursue get the tw4t later
  5. Yes... apparently a young lady with a nice shapely backside.... its the 'Gateway to Sin' according to some Right wing Fundie-Christians... So what about a shapely gay bum..... that must be the 'Gateway to Hell'...... :roll:
  6. richard dawkins then. the selfish gene can be thought of as a gene which when replicated no longer needs
    you. therefore keep wanking and fool it.
  7. HAD to go back to the top first post to remember what the hell this was about
    Wanking no probs. drops head on naafi table starts snoring
  8. stop repeating spaz, ive got 32 rounds shagging my springs right
    now . can I fire your way
  9. What are you on about you crackhead?
  10. not crackhead just boredom looking for contact
    after bollocking senior son wiith attitude
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  12. Are you p1ssed or mental?
  13. 32 rds? SMG? Or is the wigga on about some gansta weapon like the mac 10?

    Just to keep this on thread - Masturbation is fcuking great!
  14. [quote="FiveAlpha]Just to keep this on thread - Masturbation is fcuking great![/quote]

    You've been a wanker ever since you joined this site...