God bless the National Health Service.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dogs_bollox, Nov 5, 2010.

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  1. Top tip.
    Don't bother clicking the link.No piccie of nurse.
  2. I've been trying to find one fella but it's a bit soon after the news to get one. Be a shame if I posted any of the photos that come up on Google under that name, eh ?

    Aaah, Jarrod, that's so sweet. Moobs or boobs, it makes no difference to me nowadays ;-)

    If anyone else has better luck, please carry on !
  3. Not having a pop.I didn't want anyone else to waste their time like I did.
  4. Why was she struck off this could be the answer to all the NHS's problems.
  5. This really made my day:

    "...Rogers-Hughes was a 'big girl' and he was frightened of her".
  6. Aye so frightened he had to keep shagging her.
  7. Trouble is, if they hadn't have struck her off, think how the waiting lists would have increased for her hospital. We should get a petitiono to get her reinstated. Good drills that girl. The bloke's only crying about it to keep his girlfriend on side.

    Any other oldies here remember the Joyce McInney (?) sex-in-chains with a priest back in the 70's. Legal proof (albeit it in the States) that a man could be 'raped' against his will. Utter bollox, once she's got liplock sorted, who'd be feckin reluctant regardless how much of a minger she might've been !

  8. Might have held up if it had been a one-off, but twice a week over several months? He found something attractive about her!
  9. Remember the case but wasn't it in UK, although both of them were US citizens?

    As I recall it he was a Mormon who'd been sent over here to preach the word and she followed and kidnapped him.
  10. The nursing and midwifery council are quite clear. In the code of conduct sec 22 para 3 it states 'you must not be a trampy ******* slutting ******* whore'. Hope that clears it all up.
  11. Actually it's Code of Conduct Sec 22 Para 3,Sub-section 1d

    It makes all the difference.
  12. It's been common practice in the Japanese health service for years.

    According to the cultural education films I have watched, any way.