God bless the civil service

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pigshyt_Freeman, May 28, 2013.

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  1. He hasn't just gone 'elsewhere'. He's gone to the accountants who work for the people he let off billions in taxes.
  2. Hey, he's only doing one day a week, and he isn't going to do anything that might help to mitigate corporations UK tax exposure, so that's alright then...if he maintains the quality of expertise he gave to HMRC will be out of deficit within 2 years, so doubles all round!
  3. Isn't that a bit like a former S.O.S for defence going to work for North Korea?
  4. Disappointing but not unexpected.
  5. Was it ever different?
  6. Thank God the British civil service is free from the bribery and corruption that is such a feature of third world bureaucracy!
  7. "Introduce a special Tax Levy for Civil Servants who leave and go elsewhere. A punitive one. 99%."

    Indeed. Lets extend it to ex military personnel who leave the Service and within days find themselves 'consulting' for a variety of organisations which are interested in winning UK defence / HM Govt business. What possible problem could there be in this happening?
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  8. The Italians do 'bustarella'; the British do nothing so crude. They are 'good eggs' who are 'one of us' and 'know what side they are on', and when they retire from public service, they get their payback. Nothing that constitutes an actual crime, but favours are returned later; call it 'deferred gratification' if you like.
  9. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Sod consulting. What about those of us who've left the military in the past and got nice jobs in the defence industry? If you banned that half the people I work with would be out of work.
  10. Why should his or any other civil servant's rights to employment be restricted anymore than necessary to protect immediate conflicts of interest? Which, in this case has been done; restrictions have been placed on what he can work on. Otherwise, he is no different from any other 62 year old who has come to the end of his employment contract; he has skills to offer, but is unlikely to get full time work. His specific skills are in tax accounting; why wouldn't a big four pick him up?

    I'm not convinced by the media frenzy over him cutting deals with big corporates either; no-one has come up with a reason why Vodafone and Goldman's owed more tax and much of the reporting and hysteria is plain wrong; CT is paid on profits, not revenue or turnover. Maybe, just maybe, by cutting a deal, he extracted more tax than was otherwise due. Judgement reserved for me.
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  11. Same levy for service chiefs and occifers?

    They won't like that Mr Mannering.