God bless everyone of you

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by long_live_britain, Jul 12, 2006.

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  1. Because my point was made.
  2. Huzzah! Well your more than welcome!
  3. Written from the heart!

    What a smashing accolade!
  4. Good to read!
  5. I think it's a bit OTT but thanks anyway. I ddn't realise that working for McD's was considered so worthy.
  6. Long Live Britain....... Hhhooooooorah!

    God tends not to 'bless us' on accoutn that the majority of us are arsseholes :D

    Stick around the site and I'm sure your opinions will change, especially after you are asked to go into detail about the last time you saw your mum naked or if you've ever performed an act of cruelty to an orphan

    Welcome to arse, I look forward to a picture of you genitalia in the gallery

  7. Long Live England!!!!! Britain is merely the name we will use to legitimaise those areas where we will be seeking Lebesraum post independence!
  8. Speak for yourself spu-nktrumpet

    Your naked mother is a sight to behold - especially when she has your grubby face around her ring piece as you insert your rancid tongue in her bung hole.

    and don't bother with yours. There's enough gruesome piccies around without you adding to the list.

  9. Warrior_Poet stop sucking d**k :eek:
  10. LLB,

    I think your post would be better off in Current Affairs. Maybe one of the moderators would move it for you.
  11. It is an arrse tradition that first time posters send in pictures of female relatives involved in bestiality, lesbianism, and bukkake. Just a handy tip for a new bloke.
  12. Fine words.

    A blow job means you mean it.
  13. Brought a tear to my GSM that did.
  14. I have something in my eye...
  15. Roadless wrote:

    Warrior_Poet stop sucking d**k

    Uhmmmm your the one with the "Gay" Icon..... Maybe you should change your name to Clueless you Lefty shirt lifter! Now go and abuse a young boy along with the rest of your ilk!