God Bless and God Speed, Lt. Pantano

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by PTCrusader, Feb 16, 2005.

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  1. http://www.myrtlebeachonline.com/mld/myrtlebeachonline/news/special_packages/iraq/10869195.htm

    PC strikes again and an honorable man is crucified for doing his duty! Lt. Col. West, a Marine in Fallujah--and now this. This brings DIShonor on the Bush Adminstration.

    Dear Lt,

    Sir, Thank you for your service to your country. Those of us in the heartland are ever grateful to you and Marines like you. From what I have seen, you have embodied Corps Values, and done honor to the Marine Corps.


  2. Actually it doesnt dishonor the administration. A charge was leveled by a Cpl
    against Lt Pantano. There evidently was enough evidence to bring the case to trial. Not sure if there is enough evidence for a conviction but thats what trials are for. I am withholding judgement until more information is available.
  3. Is the Cpl named Mohammed Somethingorother by any chance?
  4. Unless there is something that hasnt been disclosed my guess is that Pantano will be acquitted. His future with the USMC may be non existant, depending on how pc the Corps has become.
  5. followed by
    can you shoot someone whos running away from you in self defence?
    He should tell his mother to zip it, let his defence council do the talking.
  6. Just because they were trying to get away from a location doesnt' mean they weren't doing fire and manuver, i'm withholding judgement hopefully the courts will do thier jobs and aquit if he's innocent, and then hopefully the enlisted bloke will get shatt on from a great height for being a cock.
  7. what have you seen of this officer? you obviously know him.
  8. Sounds pretty damn right to me. And, damn it, that's what I pay my taxes for is to kill the gd enemy.

  9. I personally have had my fill of righteous trigger happy yanks.

    three (Security) call signs from my location in bagdad have been engaged by these half wits in TWO weeks (Ie rounds through bodywork)

    Its only a matter of time before a car full of brits/south africans/americans/germans gets eaten by a 50 cal touted by some illiterate texan teenager

    It has proven that the B6 amour works and that americas children are scared, undertrained, gun happy tw#ts

  10. well said Gimp.
  11. I am outraged by your characterization of the US soldier and your blatant disregard of the ROE for this board. I am most tempted to respond with a very undiplomatic retort but I won't - this time.
  12. All very well but nothing to do with the case at hand. He will be exonerated. Too bad his military career is in the sh*thole.

    He'll probably be only to happy to leave.

    Our tw#ts, your sn#tch. :)
  13. Ironic Gimp.

    Truly ironic.
  14. So during the entire time in Iraq, no British military personnel has ever fired his or her weapon at anything other than a visibly armed Iraqi soldier? No jumpy parras or RM ever discharged their weapon in NI? :roll:
  15. they always say that it's better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6

    but if you face the death penalty... hmm puts a new slant on it 8O