God bless America...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BaldricksBullet, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. I just read on teletext that...

    16 million Americans live in extreme poverty. But this isn't Blair or Fogh poverty... This was described as a family of four living on £5000 a year total!

    On one hand this is a ready supply of cheap cannon fodder... on the other you've got to think that their defense budget could be better spent at home.

    Shocked? I was.
  2. I didn't realise how bad it was until i saw Morgan Spurlocks 30 days of living on the minimum wage.

    The American dream? More like the haves and the have nots.
  3. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    The USA is a great place to be middle class but a dire place to be poor.
  4. Not shocked at all. Living in London i see and have experienced poverty, thankfully my poverty was at a young age and have escaped but it's not just in America, all the powerful country's have it, government money could always be spent elsewhere but what can we do? The only place i know that it is illegal and you get picked up by the police and housed for being on the street is Guernsey but because of the small population they can do it. In a perfect world it would be dealt with but then again we don't live in a perfect world.

  5. Just worked it out...

    400 billion dollars from the defense budget handed out to 16 million poor + 2.3 million defence employees... equals a hand out of 22,000 dollars per person per year (and let's face it half this number must be kids).

    Imagine... (not my words)

    (I know I'm being naive and would miss all the big green toys... but it's just a thought)
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    £5,000 per year is not on the breadline in the US. Consider living on £5,000 per year in the UK (as you do on the social - I think you get about £49.00 per week) and paying British prices for food, petrol, electricity and gas, and then doing the same in the US.

    You'll find that in real terms, Americans are on about £10,000.
  7. As long as we have things like the OC to remind us how good life is I dont mind.
  8. You need to factor in the 2.2 billion dollars spent on public welfare in 06'. We do have some poor people but we don't leave them completely hanging. There are also hundreds of educational and vocational programs, not to mention military programs for education.

    I think the poverty line in the US really depends on where you live in the US. For instance, where I live I would say it's about $12,000/yr whereas if you live in New York that line has to be closer to 20 or 30k/yr or Tenessee maybe $8k/yr.

    Also, I would argue that anyone in that bracket has the best chances to get out of it being in the US. I know because thats exactly what I did. College programs, Army, etc. From dirt poor to upper middle income.

    I feel the most for people with disabilities that have to stay with nothing but these social programs.

    Also, other countries, go see the poor in Jamaica. I felt terrible when I went on vacation there seeing how those people live. Or Roural south Korea, there's a lot of poverty in the world and
  9. and

    what happened next?
  10. I know 'poor' people in America, while it looks bad on paper, most are fine. There's still plenty of opportunities, though, as illegal immigrants start taking more jobs (I blame the businesses that exploit the immigrants, not the immigrants themselves) many opportunities are harder to get at. Welfare is usually by State, rather than federal. Unfortunately, alot welfare programs we have simply give the poor handouts rather than trying to help them actually better themselves (it keeps the government pencil-pushers in business, after all, there's much more profit in prolonging the problem than solving it).

    The programs that really help the poor are charities like Habitat for Humanity.
  11. Compare this to the useless slag in one of fridays papers complaining because she was threatened with loosing the job seekers allowence from the £25,000 benifits she gets "why should I slog my guts out for 40 hrs a week for less money", another paid voter for bLiar and robber brown :mad:
  12. In my opinion, being without health insurance is a lot worse than just being poor. (My origins are below the poverty line in my state so I know whereof I speak.)

    Even if you're making sh!t money, you're OK as long as you're healthy. You're just living on rice and beans. There's no shame in being poor, after all. But if you aren't insured and you break a leg, or worse, come down with a long-term illness, you're in for a world of bills and creditors. This is assuming, of course, you actually care about your credit and you aren't planning on buggering off back to El Salvador or Armenia.
  13. There's another type of poor most forgotten in the UK. The hard working family man on average wage for a full week+ who faces incresed mortgage payments, increased car insurance premiums, increased council rates, increased cost of living throughout and yet a pittance of a pay rise. We are left very little for luxury. Life is tough, it's life.
  14. Poor in American is middle class in many countries, even some in Europe.
    I know some "poor" people but none that I know who sleep hungry, or homeless.

    The term "poor" misses the point especially in America. Poor is when you live like most of the world does. Without running water,unregular food supply, no roof over their head and no one to turn too.

    Poor in America for the most part means you are still wearing cloths from last year and generally not keeping up with the Joneses.

    Are there extremely poor people in America? Of course but last time I checked none has starved to death, none has to drink sewer water and most can go to a hospital anytime and get seen by a doctor.

    People in America do not know poor. That is why most of us take the necessities of life for granted. I am not gloating just saying it as it is.

    Sad but true.
  15. This makes me so glad a Hurricane called Katrina didn't strike there aswell..................