GOCs prayers: Agenda item No 4

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BaldricksBullet, Jun 23, 2007.

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  1. Right Gentlemen...

    I know you're CO's and have your own regiments... and thus think you walk on water... but it has come to my attention that you have been ignoring the FARRSE, that you call a competition.

    FARRSE - that's my favorite right now, despite the fact that it won't really apeal to some sausage munching kraut who says things like "Zank fcuk, vi arr not in Kanadahar, ha ha ha ... eh Fritz - vor iz the mustard."

    So... get the FARRSE sorted out. Or at least pop your head in to reassure the troops that you're not dead.

    Right Agenda item No 5.... We'll get to Ops later... now I want to discuss the correct length of moustache to convince the troops that we are completely barmy (PS www.A-lies www.B-Army www.C-Rations)

    (How long before I get kicked off ARRSE? All the best - C)
  2. What have you been drinking ? :D
  3. I wish I could get a couple of bottles of it.
  4. It doesnt come by the bottle.
  5. Random Dope test required immediately
  6. Not required - we already know he's a dope.... :cool:

    Better Planning guide here

    Spoof Pep Talk (from SOLDIER 2003)
  7. Amazed that someone replied... and your right, the medication comes in ziplock bags.

    Having written the title and bumming out on 0 replies, I immediately realised that no one was going to click on it. I was of course refering to the ARRSE domain name competition, hosted by our gallant CO's, after I'd read a suggestion www.forfucksakemakeadecisionGCO.com - Should have looked closer though as GCO had made an appearance, to say that all suggestions to date were crap... fair doos - so this thread should quite rightly die.