GOC Commendation

Quick Q ref the above.

Whilst on Telic V I managed to earn myself one of these but due to my then OC being a tit he waited until I was posted and binges it in the snail mail in a jiffy bag.
When it arrived at my new unit it was smashed up but the RSM asked the Cpls mess to repair it so I could be presented with it in a nice condition rather than the smashed up mess it was.
When I eventually recieved it I noticed the citation on the reverse of the frame was unsigned.
So my question is (thanks for bearing with it), is this normal or was it a replacement citation and is there any way to get a signed replacement?
Cheers HS
No mate sorry I've not made it clear,
The commendation is signed on the front it's the citation on the back of the frame that was sent to the GOC putting me forward for the award that isn't signed.
Cheers VG
The original of the citation will be kept on record; it gets signed by whoever put you in for it, then the awards bods, then the GOC and probably some other bods; there are also areas on it for them to make comments as required.

I imagine you have a copy of the citation as originally submitted by your unit. Mine is exactly the same, everything else blank. It must be kosher because APC were quite happy with an unsigned photocopy of that for my SJAR file.
Who the **** would give you a commendation? Are you sure you're not mistaking it for that caution you got from the old bill? easy mistake to make i suppose?
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