Gobshte gets lights punched out.


I see that arrogant loud mouthed tw*t has finally had his gob shut ;D ;D ;D

Couldn`t have happened to a nicer guy. :D

From the BBC

Oasis star tight-lipped on return

Oasis star Liam Gallagher has arrived back in the UK, keeping his mouth firmly shut after having his front two teeth knocked out in a fight in Munich.

He flew to London's Heathrow Airport on Tuesday to undergo dental work after the band abandoned their German tour.

But he did not show any signs of injury as he arrived at the airport with drummer Alan White, who was also involved in the brawl.

The pair were arrested with three members of their crew after the incident. Gallagher could face two years in jail - although police have said they will "probably" not prosecute.

Police said the singer kicked an officer in the chest "with full force" when he was arrested.

He will now have treatment in an attempt to be ready for the start of the band's UK tour in Cardiff on Sunday.

He refused to answer journalists' questions as he arrived back in the UK, and his only comment came when a photographer walked into a pillar, injuring his nose and mouth.

"I'd take a picture of that if I were you mate," Liam said.
The decision was taken to postpone the remaining dates on their German tour on Tuesday.

"The damage to Liam's teeth is worse than it first appeared and he will have to return to the UK for surgery before he will be able to perform again," a statement said.
The band's spokesperson added: "We are hopeful that the UK dates will go ahead as planned."

The group said they were victims of an unprovoked attack in Munich in the early hours of Sunday.

"Several members of Oasis and their entourage were the victims of an unprovoked attack by a group of youths in a Munich club last night, where they were during their European tour."

It said the attackers fled before the police arrived.
As well as breaking several teeth, Gallagher sustained facial injuries, according to the band's website.

Songwriter and guitarist Noel Gallagher was in bed at the time, according to the band's spokesperson.

But a witness told police that the trouble started when a "physical altercation" broke out among the musicians.

"In the course of this fight, one of the musicians was jostled, and fell on to the table of other guests, a group of five Italians," said a police spokesman.
"As these people now attempted to get rid of their uninvited guest, there was a larger physical altercation with the Italians."

Hotel staff called police and Liam Gallagher slightly injured one officer by kicking him, police said.

The musicians and crew members were released after the band paid 100,000 euros (£64,000) bail, police said.

Hope they do prosecute.

Prisonwall (WONDERWALL)

Sally can wait (For her visiting Order)

Roll (ups) with it

;D ;D ;D
He was due a good kicking, and hopefully he's learnt his lesson and it's scared the sh1te out of him.  He's opened his mouth to someone bigger and harder and paid the consequence.   Rumour is, he wasn't like this before he made it big, quite the opposite.

I once had the displeasure of walking into my local curry house in '96, in Manchester, and he was stood at the counter.  He is one ugly mother. Bos eyed, short, rubber lipped and an ugly so and so. He was giving loads of attitude to the lads behind the counter.  Hopefully he got the usual Manchester bad boys curry.

Now, lets see just how gobby he gets again.  And can I have his money?   ;D
It's indeed a shame that Gunther and Hans wont get the opportunity to violate him in return for cigarettes and alcohol in a Boche klink!


I heard when the Polizei carried him to the wagon he was still giving it "Come on you b*****d's!"
Gah, front teeth missing and he still won't shut up! :-X


Probably goes for a lot of other 'stars 'who have a wildly overinflated opinion of themselves.  It's only to be expected though with their entourage of lackies following them around all day fawning and blowing hot air up their arses.  

"You're so wonderful <Insert name of latest primadonna>.......you are so great <ad nauseum>"

Bunch of p****s.  Why can't they just be happy with their new found riches and fame instead of turning into completed t***s.

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