Gobment to trial Road Pricing?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Aug 18, 2008.

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  1. I might not mind paying for roads if I didn't already pay for a road fund licence and the roads weren't in $hit state around here anyway.
  2. I don't pay any VED so that won't save anything for me. It'll only be another tax on top, they won't let anything go.

    Projected revenue this year is
    UK population: 60000000 ish
    £9018 per person.

    Even if you take Corporation Tax out it's still in excess of £8000 per person. The working population of the UK is under 30m as I recall.

    No wonder nobody's got any money.
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Dont forget that they want to charge you to fit the spy in your car in the first place and charge you more if your older vehicle is incompatible with whatever crap eds or whoever come up with!
  4. Next you will be suggesting that because you pay income tax you should be getting a better income.

    It's all tax plain and simple.
  5. The UK has decided that it is not possible to build our way out of congestion, therefore if you don't increase supply you have to reduce demand.

    We already have a de facto road usage tax with fuel duty. This is pushed as far as the public will tolerate. VED has also been pushed up to maximum tolerable levels. Therefore another tax is needed to control demand for road use.

    This philosophy is almost Luddite in it's insanity.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Time for a new government me thinks!
  7. Notice how much the Government cares for public opinion. How long ago was it that over a million people signed a petition against Road pricing? The Government is in this mess because it couldn't be bothered to make real choices 11 years ago when it first came to power and had a level of public support that could have allowed the Government to really make changes, instead it p***ed away money in the hands of fat tosser....
  8. This government will not get rid of VED..... just think of the hundreds of jobsworths that would be on the dole. They will bring in this new one as well because ...ergo..... more tax and more jobsworth employed to keep the numbers on the dole down.
  9. £1.30 a mile p!ss off. That would cost me about £13K a year.

    VED should have been scrapped years ago and a penny or two added to the fuel so those who use the roads pay for them.
    VED is only a tax, it does not prove insurance or roadworthyness. I am in favour for a few pennies per mile but only if VED is scrapped. But then we would have to pay for the privilage of getting this kit hooked up in our cars, more money ! .... I wish I could employ my family and have a second house where I work and claim large sums without receipts.
  10. More jobs? The Gobment will sign four contracts,one to the firm running the scheme.Three other companies will then duplicate their own work,by checking the work of the other two firms.Brilliant.
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Didn't the Tories say they will bin this, which means it will never happen.
  12. Get a grip of road use by the simple expediant of providing compeous, high quality and FREE public transport.

    Esp in the cities and towns. Elecric trams and busses, pref of the sor tlike Sarajevo has (you know, the Sarajevo that was reduced to the stoneage by a major civil war no too long ago).

    They are electric and drive under two power cables, when they need to go off the grid, they have a petrol engine and batteries.

    With a bus every 5 - 30 minutes, maybe every hour out of the urban sprawl, road use could fall.

    Likewise a german style approach to bicycles, proper lanes, with priorty to the bikes (infuriating in a car I know).

    Free use for inner city-town busses-trams-trains. Cheap as chips rail travel. ability to place cars ON trains from Eniburgh etc.

    More freight ON trains and canals.

    All of a sudden the roads are not as requierd as once thought.

    Some of the canals and older rail tracks will need work but that is lucky for us.

    We have copious doleys, prisoners and community service people to lend a hand.
  13. Of course it will, but under another name or guise. The Tories (and I'll stand corrected on this) have not said they'll build our way out of congestion and therefore the only way to combat increased road use is to limit demand. Apart from making motoring so expensive people are forced to curb travel what other way is there but taxation to limit travel?
  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I dissagree about the solution. As mentioned above if there was a reliable, decent priced alternative i.e. public transport, a lot of traffic could be taken off the roads.

    If this bunch of cnuts had invested some of the money pished away over the last decade on our infrastructure things would be different. The answer is not a greater tax as the UK is increasingly uncompetitive because costs are too great. This will add 1300 pounds to someones costs of running a car if they do 10k a year, thats ludicrous.