Gobment Nationalises Northern Rock

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fuctifino, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. Don't worry about business we live in a Communist Utopia

    Don't worry about trying to make things work if it all goes to pear shaped we'll just get the txpayer to pick up the pieces, but we can't increase armed foces spending because we have to bail our our mates iin the financial sector, W'ankers.
  2. Don't be so hard on them. I'm glad to know that I'll have the full backing of said gobment if my business goes t.ts up. Right?

  3. Simple:

    Rules of accountancy -
    You owe someone £1,000 - your problem
    You owe someone £10,000,000 - their problem
    You owe everyone £100,000,000,000 - the Govt's problem (apparently)
  4. I can't help wondering if it had been the Cheltenham and Gloucester Building Society would the government have been so quick to help, with my money, or would the answer have been

    "We cannot risk taxpayers money on bailing out a failed southern business with no labour vote of consequence"

    Call me cynical but I suspect that would have been the case. I long for a return to proper elections where the candidates pay for a massive p*ss up out of their own pocket rather than bribing the voters with their own money :evil:
  5. The clear answer to 'chef' above is no. Not many semi-literate, un-employed and unemployable brain dead moronic filth to vote Labour (if shown how) in the South West.

    Yes, I mean every word of what I have typed!
  6. How many National Health Services can you buy for £110 BILLION??

    Just a thought.
  7. Where did the £110 billion end up?

    Did it end up doing any GOOD or did it end up in the pockets of fat cats who lets face it didn't need the money, but will hold onto it for grim death and will pass it on to their obnoxious silver-spoon-in-the-gob offspring.

    That's capitalism I suppose. Those in poverty will suffer and continue to be scapegoated, because they can't fight back - for longer.
  8. And many Geordies are still complaining that ''The Government does not do enough for us!!!''
  9. And as for the shareholders whinging and whining about how much money they have lost, do they realise that the stockmarket does go down as well as up, if not, they do now, hahahahahahaha.
    I had shares in a company last year that saw 3 quid knocked off the price of each share, but that's the way the cookie crumbles, the money was for my latter years to retire on, still, shall have to make do with the Caribbean now, instead of the Maldives.