Gobment finally growing a pair?

Good news IMO. Shame they don't show more balls when dealing with other matters. A sop to the nation.
Considering it's the ECHR in Strasbourg and not "Brussels" or much to do with the EU in general...probably not
Doesn't matter. It europe and therefor foreign.

I'll believe the government is growing a pair when it acknowledges that allowing the EU to impose law on this country is treason and returns all law making to the parliament of this country.

Its right here in The Bill of Rights-

Bill of Rights 1688 (c.2) - Statute Law Database

The bit where it says-

"And I doe declare That noe Forreigne Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction Power Superiority Preeminence or Authoritie Ecclesiasticall or Spirituall within this Realme Soe helpe me God."

So no, the government hasn't grown a pair.
All bollocks. All we need to do is like the French and German courts do to get round this EU directive. They add losing your right to vote as part of your sentence. Simple, effective and elegant.
Sorry Peter,you are quite correct.
If I ever again see the cabby that gave me duff info,I will of course severely remonstrate with him.
A choice between compensation or prisoner voting rights,

Their in prison??? Rights???
Who does govern this country? Is it Parliament? Is it the European Soviet Union? Is it the European Court of Human Rights?

Our Parliament may have faults, but it is our Parliament and by our votes we can, in theory at least, eradicate the faults.

The European Soviet Union, an undemocratic, unaccountable, corrupt, thieving, self-serving disorganisation that has, due to the craven cowardice of a generation or so of our pusillanimous politicians, been able to rule every aspect of our lives. This monster MUST be killed.

The European Court of Human Rights is a farcical disorganisation, set up by bunny-huggers and the like after the atrocities of the Second World War. To quote Lord Hoffmann, a recently retired senior judge, it has been unable to resist to "aggrandise its jurisdiction" by laying down a "federal law of Europe".

I know nobody who believes that either the European Court of Human Rights - no mention of 'responsibilities' of course - or the European Court of Justice should be able to overrule either our Parliament or our Supreme Court.

My parents' generation did not lay down their lives fighting the evil in Europe, and elsewhere, so that traitors such as Heath could allow this unelected and expensive monster to rise in the stead.

When a criminal is convicted he or she forfeits his or her 'rights'. This fatuous court decision may as well determine that imprisonment is contrary to 'Human Rights'. Are paedophiles to be allowed by these twerps to ply their filthy trade for fear they may be being denied their rights?
If, as I confidently expect, Cameron caves in on the question of votes for rapists, murderers, robbers and other assorted misfits, then who can calculate how many votes will be handed to UKIP as a result?

More talk of RESPONSIBILITIES and less of 'rights' is URGENTLY REQUIRED

PS: I am well aware of the 'difference' 'twixt European Soviet Union and the equally noxious European Court of Human Rights, but I lump together as hugely expensive, unwanted and unintended 'accidents' of history.

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