Goblins and Giants

Where do I sign up?

But will the chicks have cnuts like buckets to accommodate the larger male members??
You only need to visit Warrington to see that this process of evolution has already taken place - well one part of it anyway.
Oliver Curry is a twat, God knows where he got his doctrate from, do they come free with Cocoa Pops?
This theory is b0ll0cks. It hasn't taken into account the fact that when p1ssed even the most well bred super human will probably settle for a monster at 0200hrs in your local sh1thole night club. This is, as we all know, when most human reproductive activity accidentally takes place, and will continue to do so for the next 10000 years!

If it was going to happen it would've done so by now.
Slates said:
coffee coloured!? is that PC?
PC or not, a world with no woman with milky white skin and freckles is a world not worth living in. I think a spot of eugenics is in order to make sure Redheads. The futures bright the futures orange!
didn't H.G. Wells describe all this after his trip to the future in the Time Machine?.. might have been a little off on the timeline but I thought he'd already figured out we'd be divided into The Hot Babes and Rad Guys on the surface in Utopia and the ginger-haired fat and ugly little Morlocks underground?.. Think the scientists might have been drinking out of the wrong beaker and flask and flashing on their childhood bedtime reading on this one...
Slates said:
coffee coloured!? is that PC?
I can live with it.
Interracial breeding is the way ahead, both genetically and culturally. Some of the best put together people I've ever met have parents of different races.
Like the man said:-

"What the world needs is a great big melting pot.....etc" :D
bigger knobs!!! Perter boobs???? almost sounds good, until you realise that as 'goblins' and 'giants' that spiderman and his mates will finish us off by then.
indoubitabley said:
bigger knobs!!! Perter boobs????.

That'll be the end of Soapy tit w@anks in the future then. I wonder if we will have though of anything cunning to replace them in 'future' sex.
The forecast was made by Dr Oliver Curry, who spent two months investigating the ascent and descent of man over the next 100 millennia.
Wow! Two whole months to map out the future of the human race for the next 100,000 years.. :roll:

I wonder what he could do if we gave him a year to think about something?

Oh and I have just noticed this bit -

Women will develop lighter skin......

...producing a uniform race of coffee-coloured people.
What was he smoking?

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