Gobby Royal Marine Gladiator nicked again!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by THEY_STOOD_IN_THE_DOOR, Jan 2, 2009.

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  1. just found this - for thoughs not in the know - Mne McIntosh is on loan from the corps - a form of keeping the forces in the public eye.
    no shit!

    02 January 2009 12:08:26

    Gladiator held after nightclub brawl
    Gladiators star Tornado has been arrested on suspicion of attacking a man outside a nightclub.
    Gladiator held after nightclub brawl
    Gladiators star Tornado has been arrested on suspicion of attacking a man outside a nightclub.

    Tornado, real name David McIntosh, 23, was arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm with intent following an incident in Manchester city centre.

    He was detained by officers at Wythenshawe Hospital for several hours after a nightclub brawl in the early hours of New Year's Day.

    Alleged victim Marc Mclaren, 25, told the Sun he had a gashed lip, a chipped tooth and bruising after being kicked in the head outside the Ampersand club in Deansgate Court.

    Police are investigating a number of violent altercations outside the club, including one in which a man was bottled in the face.

    Friends of the Gladiator told The Sun that it was McIntosh who was bottled in the brawl and he had called the police from the hospital.

    The star of the Sky 1 series was later bailed pending further inquiries until February 1.

    McIntosh was suspended by Sky One bosses last month after he was arrested following another nightclub brawl in London. He was also released on bail over that incident.
  2. Why does the phrase RTU spring to mind?
  3. i would have him on the next flight and stagging on by saturday! but of course he cant deploy - having a court case!

    correct me if im wrong (i know i will be) but was told by a member of royal that knows him well - he was given a £100,000 contract by sky 1.

    i know none of us are saints but while his units deployed you would think he would screw the nut!!!
  4. The Royals should have RTU'd him themselves after the first incident. He is very high profile and linked to a disciplined service who are going through hell at the moment.
    He could have been sent on ops to keep him out of the way until a case had been prepared against him or his innocence accepted. He has been given a rare honour to not only represent his branch but to make a lot of money out of it, at the first dign of a screw-up RTU his arrse, end of.
  5. I assumed he had left the RM, how could they RTU him? Or am i being dense (more likely)
  6. You're right mate. This guy has been given a chance that is not normally open to anyone still serving.
    If he is indeed still serving, then he is guilty of bringing the service into disrepute.

    First flight out to the Gan & into Dixie Land for a week followed by permanent area cleaning, for being a total Cnut!
  7. Him and Gerrard can share a Celeb cell and discuss a Christmas charity event next year.
  8. He's not royal, where are the tats :?
  9. i'm a fan of reg tats but he has the worlds biggest globe and xmas door reaf on his upper right arm!
  10. ahhh. b@llocks, missed that.. :oops: carry on
  11. Unless I missed something how can he be RTU'd? Volunteer for the Paras,cock up and back you go, SAS fail or cock up and back you go(obviously after repainting the boathouse.) But a Bootie joins up off the street, so sack him. Job done.
  12. He can be RTU'd back to the booties because he's on 'attachment' or contract to Sky. The cnut should have been made to leave before joining sky anyway.

    Agree with what other posters have said - fcuk him off to Afghanistan. I'm sure 45 will welcome him with open arms.

    Edited to add - Chef 'Fcuk up in Paras and back you go' Where to exactly? Civvy street. It's 2009 not 1940.
  13. It might as well be 1940, the amount of guys we are loosing in AFG
  14. sorry mate - but thats a stupid comment.

    we've only lost just over 100 - to enemy action in 6 yrs. i dont know what the death/cas rate was for 1940 - 1945 but i would say we're fairing better?