gobby new blokes

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Rarden_reaper, May 24, 2006.

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  1. :twisted: Pray tell...how does one sort out a new chap who has opinions above his station, yet not be banged up for bullying?
  2. I was once working on a combat engineer task, when the section fullscrew told a gobby lad to fcuk off site, and go and sit on a mound of dirt for the rest of the day.

    That worked pretty well, as the lad was then excluded from the rest of the lads - and his attitude changed.
  3. Get his helmet, take the cover off, and paint "I am a gobby NIG" on it and make him wear it for a week

    that'll adjust his attitude with no lumps.
  4. Sorry old school me take him round the back of a 4 tonner and give him a chat without coffee (take a fellow NCO or Offr as witness)
    If that fails the above more subtle approaches above may work or get the CoC involved and let them earn their pay.

    Either way good luck mate
  5. I am sure the responsible answer would be proper management and AGAI 67......

    Ways And Means :)
  6. and the iresponsible answer would be to lay a five-curler in his bed
  7. Maybe give hime all the shitty jobs and hope he understands why?
  8. Or send him with a shovel to the SSM's office with a sealed note addressed to the SSM.

    Note should read along the lines of "I'm going to rap this shovel around your head sir" and ask him to wait for a reply.
  9. Buckets of steam, long stand, falopean tubes, 3 and a half inch sky hooks, glass hammers - or is he not that new.
  10. take him out down town get him pissed take him back to his room after he is pissed then knock seven bells out of him and let other new lads join in so they know what happens if they gob off
  11. Is that what they do in the FFC?
  12. Watch out fellas, we've got a tough guy here.
  13. Just make him run around the camp naked! Maybe turned down wellies for health and safety reasons and make him wear, the mother of all strapons, straped to his forehead, whils't he carries a massive flag, with " Im a huge, useless nobhead" emblazened across it! That should do nicely, well it did for me!!
  14. Are his opinions valid?
    Just because he’s a sprog, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have something of value to add to the equation.

    Every Pte is a potential NCO, possibly a potential officer.
    Instead of branding him a gobby cnut, why not try developing him and steering him in the right direction.

    Can you give an example of what he’s done wrong?
  15. If I caught some c*nt doing that to my younger brother they would get to see what their teeth looked like. There are better ways to deal with cocky shits. Most of the cockiness comes from being keen, and blokes that treat them like that were probably breast fed until they were seven and should have joined the fuzz rather than army.

    Of course if you were joking then fair play...


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