Gobby F*cking civvies

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by halomonkey, Jun 11, 2008.

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  1. Otherwise known as potential, potential recruits. [rant mode on/] You know the ones i mean, little gobsh*tes who have sought out a site with serving/ex-serving personnel to ask for help/advice. The posts all run along the lines of what shall I wear, what do we do on day 3 week 6 and can i avoid it, will my dodgy knees, cross eyes, minging habits stop me getting in. They make their posts and then sit agog at the answers from other civvies whose extent of Forces knowledge is that they have failed the ADSC twice or made it all the way to being accepted but as of yet haven't even bloody started training. Or those really knowledgeable f*cking civvies who haven't even got as far as the ACIO yet but spent 3yrs in the cadets. Then finally when those of us who are actually in the Forces or have served in the Forces take pity on them and try to help them, all we get in reply is gobsh*te comments. You're just f*cking gobsh*te civvies nothing more nothing less, if you dont want advice from those who can actually help then f*ck off to bebo or facebook and tell each other your top tips there.
    Also, is anyone else as sick of these gobsh*tes taking up all the bandwidth with post after post of the same drivel? If every bloody person who, wants to join, has got a date for their ADSC, has got a start date for an ATR is going to start a thread telling the world, there'll be no space left for serious issues, like 49 para achievements and the selection process for direct entry to the SAS or how many pies can one driver eat in 3 minutes!!
    [rant mode off/]

    and breathe
  2. Yeah, but how fast can you do 1.5 miles?
  3. With or without taking into account my knackered knees, heart murmur, cross eyes, missing big toe and depression with self harming?
  4. By Fcuk, have you had a bad day or what :pissedoff:
  5. Yes,but I feel much better after that :D
  6. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Trouble is - they will be you in a couple of years. Annoyed, intolerant and sick of the nature of everything civilian. Breath deeper, friend and get used to it. It comes with getting old.... :D
  7. Hence I, and probably a lot of people, have given up trying to help now. Same old bloody questions all the time.
  8. Well move on over sluggy as I am coming to sit with your group.

    I-T-C I have only become intolerant of them since the recent influx of bone questions and repeat threads with little gobsh*tes ignoring the very advice they ask for. Instead they seem to wish to favour the equally bone answers from the type described in my initial post. So I am now sitting breathing deeply and wondering if my 1.5mile time would be less if i ran it with the trainer on my left foot being new balance and the one on my right being saucony. Or should i try the other way round. :wink:
  9. Is there anyone else going to Winchester next Thursday?
  10. Well there should be a link in the how/when/if I join thread, of how to use a search button/function and stop being a lazy tw@. and to use their brain, perhaps the BARB test could be ammended to questions of how to use ARRSE!

  11. Just as long as you don't go AWOL and get your other half to post asking for advice.
  12. Not at the moment but if you're lonely big boy i might see what i have booked :twisted:
  13. I don't have another half.How about I go AWOL and use my own name to ask for advice? Is this allowed or will they know where I am by looking at the site and send someone to get me.
  14. Ah, see that depends on how you did on your BARB test and how many press-ups you can do.......
  15. I did really well on my BARB but can't remember if I got 64 or 164 but it was really good the guy with 3 stripes said so. He said i can apply for SAS straight away too cos I did 114 press ups in one minute. Now I just need to know if I should wear a suit for my interview or will my sports kit do as I'm so fit.