Gobby Ex-Cadet AIs.

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by maninblack, Aug 15, 2005.

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  1. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I just got back from camp where I had a dispute with three 20 year old ex cadets about drill.

    Two of these "adult" instructors were arguing with an ex-infantryman about which foot a drill movement was called on (about turn on the march in quick time) Eventually they asked me to give my opinion. When I agreed with the ex-infantryman I was told that "The acf don't do it like that, we call it on the left foot."

    We explained about the army drill manual etc but their response was to point to another 20 year old ex-cadet with the comment, "He'll know the answer, he was a cadet RSM." he got corrected in quick time as well.

    Where do these little jerks come from? how the hell do they think they know more about something like basic drill than two ex-serving soldiers with more time in green than they have been on the planet?
  2. Smack 'em in the face, to prove you're right.

    You don't have to talk with them, just to them.


    EX Cdt AI. "I am right, I am right"

    Instructor prepares teaching aides.

    Instructor. No you're not.

    Instructor uses the P out of PEDIP.

    Ex Cdt AI. silence

    The correct atmosphere for teaching has now been achieved. Instructor continues with EDIP.
  3. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    So that's where I went wrong.......I should have ripped their lungs out through their noses. It is all clear now.
  4. Very few instructors know about the optional P at the start of EDIP.

    Seriously though, I have no idea where they come from, but they get everywhere.

    It amazes me at the stock they put in their "experience" when they are talking to blokes with real army service.

    Ex-Cadet RSM, whoopydo.

    The worst thing about this is that these same AI's will then pass on their "knowledge" to the youngsters, and the cycle begins all over again.

    It's the circle of life!!!! Cue the Lion King theme/South park song depending on your preference!!!!
  5. According to the cadet manual, the about turn on the march is called on the right foot so the AI was actually wrong
  6. Surely the ACF would do it the same as the army anyway?

    Being "Army" cadets, surely most of what they do mirrors the army, except they shoot at those funny fig11s that seem to be made up two sets of legs.

    Are they the offcuts from Fig 12s?
  7. The AI was wrong, and is therefore, a cock. I taught drill in the ATC, (Air force drill is 99% identical to the Army) and without even looking it up, I can recall that the executive command for an about turn on the march would be given as the right heel is a fraction of a second away from striking the ground. If you give clear preparatory words of command, and a sharp executive word of command it will be done properly.

    Good drill cannot be done at all if the person giving the orders does not articulate them correctly, or gives them on the wrong foot.

    However, sometimes the standard of cadet drill is higher than the regs (often the case in the airforce) merely because of more regular practice. Drill is often taught to cadets ad nauseaum as it costs nothing and fills holes in the training programme (What fcuking training programmme?)

    I can remember an Airforce WO2 at RAF St Athan remarking that the only marching they ever did these days was a small contingent sent to the local Cenotaph/war memorial every rememberance sunday, and they usedd to practise that beforehand so as not to embarrass themselves on the day!

    But to argue with a serving soldier, is bad form. Go and get the manual if your not sure. Everyone makes mistakes. Even AI's!
  8. in my experence with the ACF some of the worst and best instructors are ex cadets sadly the best one are few and far between, do they not have to do the pre- ITC & ITC course by the cdt trg team to bring them up to standard

    to argue with an ex reg is indeed bad form, worst if its in front of Cadets the AIs should be marched in front of the CSMI, any CSMI worth there salt should put the wind up em
  9. The ACF,,,don't you just love em'. I remember a time when i found it difficult to exchange a set of 95, coz they "had nothing wrong with them" (they were only worn through on the arse and collar),,,yet that vri day i saw some ACF losers wearing brand new,,,yes,,,brand new 95 in tescos collecting money for the ABF. I happened to be in my worn through uniform and ambled past some ACF RSM who must have been at least 16, who, and i can't beleive to this day he did, said, wait for it, "don't you brace up to an RSM?". The reply of "Fcuk off" seemed lost on him, and didn't appear to register. Lucky he was in tesco or i would have probably launched him.

    Also remember waiting for a flight to Cyprus in the early 90's,,a ATC flight sgt,,,again about 16,,,was also in the terminal at BZ,,what an arsey little prcik.

    I have a question,,,,why?
  10. I was wandering around Bisley Camp during CENTSAAM and the ACF /ATC / CCF shooting thingy and a Cadet Sergeant with more badges that a para and commando trained bomb disposal sniper who has done foreign jumps courses told me to go and do some score keeping. Being in a polite mood and surrounded by senior officers i suggested that he find someone from his own unit to do it. He said that i have to obey him because he is a sergeant. I should have shot him but really i just pointed out that i was in the army and he wasn't.
  11. What you should have done was attached the scrawny soapdodger to one of the targets on the ETR. I'm pretty sure he would have seen the error of his ways whilst popping up to hear the whizz of 5.56 parting his hair. Is this not why we wear TRF's, to identify regular and ACF, bcoz nowadays you can't tell. Are they not supposed to display the ACF title on their rank slides or wear those fandabydozy brazzards that contain badges such as "4 star ********" and "marksman"? What ever happened to Cadets getting handmedown 45 pattern battledress and putties. Seriously there needs to be a distinction, purely for security and their own safety from terrorists. Mind you,,you can usually spot them a mile off with the size of some of their berets. Chinook landing pads.
  12. To bring it back onto thread - It is a real shame that regs have had bad dealings with arrogant little 16yr olds whose heads have been inflated to the size of a warship! Most cadets are seriously in awe of regs and pay them loads of respect.

    Cadets who join the regs will lose this quickly enough in Basic - One comment along the lines of 'I was Cadet RSM / CSM...I know everything' will obviously cause suffering but a valuable lesson will be learnt quickly.

    Unfortunately some instructors that go straight from Cadets to being AIs do not understand how the big game works and unfortuantely this keeps the bad attitudes being passed down through a minority of instructors to cadets. And I stress, it is a minority.

    After a couple of run-ins with extremely gobby ex-cadet AIs on Annual Camp just gone, can't say much for fear of reprisals, suffice to say it involved 2 ex cadet RSMs not entirely realising that they were on camp for the cadets benefit - not to inflate their own ego's, get hammered and bully cadets - it unfortunately looks set to be a regular occurance. All we can do, is try and correct attitudes where we see it.
  13. i think soem of it is the lack of contact between TA/Regs and the Cadets, cos they were too busy, can't be arsed etc if the cadets and Army had time to mix with the regs/TA for weekend exercises, dislpays then they will see what the Army is really all about and is completly different from Cadets, then perhaps a little commmunication goes a long way.

    can't see it happening tho cos the idea is far too sensible for the Army.
  14. Had a run in with an ATC officer at RAF Leeming, she was walking round the mess in Flying Suit with glider wings (there are no gliders at leeming) and attempted to join in a conversation/take the pi$$ out of the reg aircrew. Needless to say once eveyone thought the 'G' on her wings stood for G@y and her 4 week training course ment fcuk all she promptly left. In tears.

    In a mess as a cadet officer - excusable.
    Taking the piss out of Reg/Reserve aircrew whilst dressed in a cadet flying suit - Fcuk off!!!

    ps. I know they're not ACF, but I thought it was a story worthy of mention...
  15. Many moons ago I got seven extras once for suggesting that an ACF RSM waited until his b0llocks dropped before he contemplated telling me that I should call him "Sir" when addressing him.

    The "real" SSM that dished them out pointed out to me that the reason was not because I had pointed out the error of his ways but rather that I should not say "b0llocks" to a child.

    Oh how I laughed when the first extra given to me was assisting the PTI's in escorting them over the assault course. The other six all consisted of “helping out” with their stay at camp.

    The ACF has its place and I personally think that it is a worthwhile organisation. However, the little cnuts need to be firmly left under no illusions that they are a youth club and nothing more.