Gob Docs - time warp?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Filbert Fox, Jul 27, 2006.

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  1. Whats with the Gob Docs wearing those crappy 1940 era cheap plastic gold effect 'RADC' tabs on their epilettes? looks so naff!!
    The cap badge, corps belt and lanyard not enough for you? :roll:
  2. Who cares?
  3. true, if para trained people can wear a pink hat and nobody cares then the Dental mob should crack on!
  4. Arf!

    In all seriousness, don't really see what the problem is. Lots of other Corps/Regiments wear them, why shouldn't RADC? Mind you, I spotted an RAMC Major wearing a white shirt the other day. Apparently he's 'qualified' to wear it because he once served with a Cavalry Regt. Bell end. In any case, white shirts are not simply the preserve of our Cav chums anymore; just about anybody wears one. Except, of course, the RAMC. :roll:
  5. FF I myself feel proud to advertise my glorious corps by wearing as any emblems/belts/lanyards as I can. I am personally thinking of suggesting a cape with the corps flag on it to be worn!!!!
  6. I have just the lanyard for you (Nice cherry red with gold lettering "Royal Army Medical Corp") oops!!! sorry forgot, you're not supposed to wear them if you work in an MDHU, because the powers that be have decided it is a heinous crime, something about corporate identity and all that cr4p, personally its just because it shows how cheap and nasty the purple with white lettering one is.

    P.S. Have a stash if anyone would like a contraband RAMC Lanyard.
  7. didnt happen to be at Frimley did you?
  8. I dont know, kicking the arrse out of add ons to their uniforms and WO2s wearing officer pattern shirts, jumpers, ties and brown shoes! Do the gob docs have a corps man or anyone who keeps an eye on dress regs?
  9. I once saw a Gob doc assistant wearing a SAS smock, Lowa boots and Issue G10 Watch. Bless em! He must be part of the elite gob wash squad.
  10. That would be the brand new RSM then :p
  11. I take it that the new one isnt that hygiene bird then, probably didnt select her because shes too military for the corps! (and shes a hygienist and a bird!!)
  12. You missed the best bit - she is very, very nice :twisted: 8)
  13. Now that WAS funny. Apparently, DMETA actually published something on Part 1s to the effect that RAMC personnel working in DMETA sites were not allowed to wear their RAMC lanyard (not THE lanyard but the thing you put round your neck) but were to wear the purple and white DMETA one instead. How utterly, utterly pathetic. I'd love to know who the wnaker was who put that little beauty out.

    Nah, somewhere far more esoteric!
  14. Its all about corporate identity, DMETA is Tri-Service, god forbid anyone wanting Corps identity.

    Our unit had a signal from DMETA, it was also on P1Os and all RAMC members received a letter from Unit Admin stating that RAMC werent to wear the RAMC lanyards!
    I now wear neither in protest!
  15. Good for you FF, stand up to theese mindless f******.