Goat's Buster

Two guys were peering into a well wondering how deep it was.
One decided to throw in a pebble. He waited to hear the splash, there was none. His mate threw in a stone, again there was no splash. Wondering how deep this well was they both threw in a rock, again no splash. Baffled they looked around and saw a boulder. That will do they thought; so they manhandled the boulder to the well and tossed it in. As they did so a goat came hurtling out of nowhere and disappeared down the well. Nonplussed they stared at each other. What? A goat?
As they looked into the well a farmer came up. "Have you seen a goat around here?' he asked. 'Yes', replied one of the blokes, 'It just went down that well.' ' Naahh,' said the farmer, 'it couldn't be my goat, my goat was tied to that boulder over there-----?????

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