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goatrutar unmasked

I thought I'd give you a heads up on this breaking story, whilst Arte is having a cheeky pint down the pub.

Our late night Ozzie Repo-Man, known to some as 'goatrutar', has finally been unmasked.

But a question remains. Did he utilise his own rape van?




Mind you, this sort of behaviour can have serious consequences.

I lent meself a tenner the other night. Well I'll never see THAT again!
(By the way Scooterdog - stop lying behind Artes chair, you know he's getting a bit doddery in his advancing years, he keeps tripping over you boy... today a twisted ankle, tomorrow it'll be one of his hips.)
Serves him right. Doddering old cunt, and you don't want to know what he served me for 'breakfast' this morning.

But I'll have him. It's just a question of timing.


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