Goat-wife dies in Sudan

There is a moral here somewhere.

When we gave Sudan independence, plastic bags hadn't been invented.

Return of Empire, anyone?
auto-erotic asphixiation??? Maybe?? Dead easy to blame it on the goat EATING the bags hmmmm???
most horrid,i suspect Prae!! Poor little goat never stood a chance against that wife-choking nasty man!!!
Did they have any kids? Not many men have wives that will cut the grass.
My bird, known as legion's b***h, has something to say about this - here it is:

well if we all married what we had a sexual experience with oh dear thank god for indescrections or mislined excretions .......

Me: I'm not sure what she means either.
She has something else to add - please don't encourage her.

Bitch: i bet there was no pillow talk except when he was trying to put it over the poor beasts head.
Oh dear, she wants to say something else: sincere apologies to everyone.

My bird: i bet he told her don't worry love this is how we make cheese....
Thanks for not encouraging her, but she is insisting on another comment.
Here we go.

My bitch: excerpt from HELLO Magazine GOAT Tells All , He told me he loved me he promised me a wedding with Sheep for bridesmaids ..I was totally in love then he said he played for Man united.

Me: what can I really say.
hedgie said:
its sad to think that the goat was the better looking on in that relationship
Hedgie, don't take this personally, she is a very good natured woman.

My bitch: you can't spell so what you doing in the Armee


Book Reviewer
Should be a decent curry at the funeral though.
bigbird67 said:
auto-erotic asphixiation???
Good point. Was the goat discovered wearing stockings and with an amyl nitrate laced orange between its teeth?

If so, please contact:-

MP Selection Department
Conservative Party Headquarters
15 Brewer Street

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