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Goat-wife dies in Sudan

My bird, known as legion's b***h, has something to say about this - here it is:

well if we all married what we had a sexual experience with oh dear thank god for indescrections or mislined excretions .......

Me: I'm not sure what she means either.
She has something else to add - please don't encourage her.

Bitch: i bet there was no pillow talk except when he was trying to put it over the poor beasts head.
Thanks for not encouraging her, but she is insisting on another comment.
Here we go.

My bitch: excerpt from HELLO Magazine GOAT Tells All , He told me he loved me he promised me a wedding with Sheep for bridesmaids ..I was totally in love then he said he played for Man united.

Me: what can I really say.
bigbird67 said:
auto-erotic asphixiation???
Good point. Was the goat discovered wearing stockings and with an amyl nitrate laced orange between its teeth?

If so, please contact:-

MP Selection Department
Conservative Party Headquarters
15 Brewer Street

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