Goat meat.

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Ravers, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    No not that tough as **** mutton stuff the Gurkhas turn into curries, I'm talking about specially reared kid goat meat, like lamb but from baby goats instead of baby sheep.

    An opportunity has arisen for me to farm some boer goats. As the name implies they're from South Africa and have been especially bred for meat as opposed to milk.

    A few facts:

    Goat meat accounts for roughly 80% of all the meat consumed globally, despite this, it is vastly under represented in the UK and it makes up less than 1% of all meat eaten in this country.

    Goat meat contains considerably less fat than beef, pork and lamb. Healthy eating wise, it's on a par with chicken for fat content.

    The demand for goat meat in this country is far greater than the amount produced.

    Goat meat is absolutely divine, very flavoursome and a fantastic substitute for other more common meats.

    Obviously I don't expect to see goat meat on the shelves of tesco anytime soon, but decent goat meat is in high demand from local outlets and restaurants. This is not a short-lived fad like the ostrich meat boom a few years back.

    By way of a little market research, I'd be interested in hearing from any arrsers who have an opinion on this.

    Have you ever tried goat meat?

    Did you like it?

    Would you consider eating it over a piece of beef, lamb or pork? Roast shoulder of goat for Sunday lunch for instance?

    Any good goat recipes?

    Is goat meat readily available near you?

    Any feedback, piss taking or otherwise, is greatly appreciated.
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  2. ...................................The only Goats I've seen, are the ones out on the lash on a Friday & Saturday night.
    When their husbands are on duty at Buller Barracks!

    I haven't got any recipies for them, but they're ok for a quick knee trembler by the back of Burger King!
  3. Had plenty of goat meat in the Middle East.
    Last month in Greenwich market got a very tasty goat curry from a Jamacan stall.
    Never crossed my mind to ask our local butcher or look in supermarket, might get some in Wolverhampton, if I ever go there.

  4. Ravers, I believe you are residing in the wrong geographic location (within the UK) to have a ready market for your proposed produce.

    As an easy test:

    1. Do any of your neighbours wear the waist band of their jeans around the mid thigh area?

    2. Have any of your neighbours ever discharged an AK47 in a dusty back alley in Sierra Leone?

    3. Do the local villagers routinely complain that their children are possessed by the devil and have / or stolen their genitalia?

    4. Is the local farmer's crop Marijuana?

    5. Have you ever been shanked by a local schoolchild for 'dissin ma blud?

    If you can answer a resounding YES to all of the above, then goat meat is your future.

    Butcher it and they will come........
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  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Well, I didn't want to say anything, but clearly I'll be targeting 'ethnic' food outlets and restaurants with the bulk of my marketing campaign.
  6. goat meat, fried chicken, yams and crack.

    staple diet.

    Just saying.
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  7. I've shot a few young nanny goats bo older than 2yeas old and you would be forgive for thinking it was mutton. Didnt have as much fat or meat on the cuts but the taste was great.
    Will certainly shoot and eat more.
  8. You could be on to something here my god fearing matelot
  9. I've eaten it in Saudi and in Oz, liked it and would buy if available locally. Expect that you've read Hugh the nutters article:

    The kids are alright: kid and goat recipes | Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall | Life and style | The Guardian

    If you're looking a raising a few you couldn't go wrong Mr Heeds comments, go "artisan" and get yersen a stall at Borough Market then sell to the Afro Carribean affluent classes or, find one of the stall holders to sell it for you if you want to keep away from London.
  10. If you are serious about producing goat meat for profit then you MUST stress/accentuate that it is free-range and organic to get top dollar.

    Goat meat is available locally (in Cardiff) for as little as £2-£3 for rump steak (approx. 400 grams) or diced (for curries/stews etc) for £2.50 for 500 grams but it's imported from Spain/Portugal, badly butchered, stringy and of dubious age. Most, if not all, is snapped up by the various ethnic groups who think it's great - but it's shit.

    I used to have a mate, sadly now dead, who used to breed goats specifically for meat, and he sold out within a couple of hours of hitting the various Farmer's Markets twice a month. Never heard of, or tasted Boer Goat, but having eaten the good stuff, I'd happily pay a premium for good, real good, goat's shoulder or leg.

    Good luck if you go for it.

    It may take a little while to establish your market, but once you have and provided it's good stuff, you'll have customers for life.
  11. I've had a fair bit of goat, and love it. I wouldn't consider it as over any other type of meat, they're all equal - except for maybe roast beef. It's quite easily available here, but I'm outside the UK

    As for cooking it; salted and roasted with olive oil, rosemary, garlic, potatoes and tomato
  12. I had some Jamaican goat curry from a stall when I went to see the Damned at a free festival over Brockwell Park in August 84. Nice.
  13. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Cheers for the replies, some good positive feedback.

    I'll give this a go I think, I've got a local gastro pub and a village shop who are definitely up for buying some produce. I haven't explored the farmer's market option yet, but it's well worth looking into. I'm well up for the idea of doing goat kebabs etc. at country shows and events.

    Anyway, worse case scenario, I end up a few quid down, with a freezer full of goat meat and the kid's get some extra pets.
  14. Been subjected to it in various places and never liked it. Goat curry as served up by the Jamaica Defence Forces was so awful that the team I was with spent all our money eating at the Sheraton in Kingston, while the goat intestine beloved of Zimbabwean politicians is probably the worst-smelling food I've experienced. However, some Americans in Saudi used to have a goat barbecue every so often, and I think they marinaded the meat in something which broke down the chain-mail links in the muscle fibre and made it reasonably edible - still didn't think it was up to much, though. If you can make it tender and tasty, go for it. It would definitely have to be kid.