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Any recommendations from the massed ranks of Arrse? Which resort/hotel/downtown?
Restaurant recommendations, trips to take/avoid?

Thanks in advance

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Anjuna or Vagator if I was you, steer clear of the more touristy (what am I talking about it's Goa!) parts. There's a nice boutique-ish hotel called Papa something or other's, slightly inland from the market/beach in Anjuna; has a pool and nice rooms prior to sorting out a house if you're staying for a while.
Be adventurous, Goa for it!
It did not start well there for Jason Bourne :)
Was there10yrs ago, bag a near Calungate(sp). Stayed at sun village, good food, basic compared to western standards, but clean and good food and beer. Top tip is ignore the tourist company tours, get a taxi, dirt cheap and if you get the same one each day he'll really get you to the best beaches and tourist attractions. Bag a beach is great shacks along the front parties on an evening, and cheap good quality beer brewed from german hops...
I'd recommend the Leela Palace hotel. It's about 20 mins up the coast from Goa City and is a quite upmarket resort with own beach and all accommodation is in private villa style units around lush gardens and lagoons. It's an Indian-owned chain so prices are keener than in the more international names but standard is excellent.

Get the hotel to arrange a driver and car to take you sight seeing. We paid equivalent of 20 quid for a driver and aircon car to take us all day to wherever we wanted.

Try having a look at this....Saudades Beach House Candolim
my Brother and I were there 3yrs ago, fabulous place, everything on the doorstep
and the owner is spot on, problem is if there's only two of you, it will be expensive.
Stay off "Chocolate beach" it's were the sewage for Panjim comes out. Plenty of cheap taxi's who you can hire for the day. If you stay in Calungate watch out when you walk down the main road onto the beach there is beggars who line it and shit behind the hedges. Also dont buy gold etc from the Kashmirir's it's normally fake or over priced. A great place to visit though and loads to keep you amused.
One of the best things I done was spend a night in a tent on the beach it had double bed electric shower and bog. ber in the middle of the location with hammocks and big holes dug out in the sand filled with scatter coushins. Great in the morning getting up watching the fishermen pull in pulling the previous nights nets.
Just get out there change up your dollars and get amongst it, half the fun is being able to wander great distances for next to **** all. I've spent a month there with her and another month on my tod which was obviously far more fun. Stay away from the night fighters and keep to the beaten path at night, I'm a bit of a lump and was still followed down a track by 2 emaciated locals who were weighing me up on my way down to Baga Beach before I fucked them off.

Beer is cheap, food is mega but avoid the Goan fish curry if you value the tensile strength of your anus, you can get a hoofing Sunday roast in Calangute but be prepared for some 'sights', packs of grotty dogs, the odd disembowelled rat that has been flung out of shop by a knife wielding shop assistant (it ******* landed right near my left foot), the odd Harry Ramp emptying his colon by the side of the road ect ect, just enjoy it. (If your going to hire a moped or car, play the game and toe the line licence wise or expect a *******)

Plenty of European birds, lots of Danes and the Russians are well entrenched now, enjoying a lazy 69 on an empty beach at 4am with a cute little button was a personal highlight..

And the top tip? Keep a couple of $20 bills on you spare, excellent bribing material for those "just incase" scenarios with a Webley toting and underpaid Indian Copper.

Oh, and there isnt a paki in sight :)
If you get an iffy gut just drink coconut feni it'll kill the bacteria dead. Pretty much what HCv says the Russians are loud annoying cnuts though. ANd Pakis arent liked they have 24hr's to report to the local police station when they arrive. Anjuna market is worth a browse just watch for cnuts trying to stick stuff in your ears.

Apparently I'm off there in a couple of weeks. So if anyone has any int on patnem beach I'd be much obliged.

Especially if it involves fishing or surfing

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