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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by rr2005, Mar 5, 2005.

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  1. Im fed up with women! bossy, selfish, critical - my mums ok though!
    I just have had it - are there any decent ladies left?!?

    cooltools4men.c om
  2. LoL

    What has made you feel this way about us female of the species?
    We can be lovely you know!!

    Come on, tell us what has made you so bitter? :D :( :?
  3. Decent ladies left...Yes, my lovely, there are....but look at your motives for picking the girls you do...do you want them to have a certain look? ( I find a disturbing number of middle-aged men , for example, who want a Buffy or Kylie...still...I do work in the town hall...'nough said):) Do you secretly like to be dominated ? You make reference to mamma... is it because no girl measures up to her? What are your expectations of your women ? And , if you're treated badly, why let them do it ? Better off alone than be shat on, lovely, have a good christmas. I hope you find a News Years kissxx
  4. I think mama has asked enough questions, but yes there are lots of decent ladies around, but I think there are more single women to single men tho, so you might want to make yourself a little more appealling. (don't know many girls who like a mummy's boy) :lol:
  5. i think there's still a few of us good ones out there...ha ha! i think the problem is that most will already be taken!!!
  6. well the Ipswich murderer has recently equaled the odds a little so the ratio should soon be in favour of 'decent ladies'.