Go to work on an icecream

Stupid contrived reporting.
"Worried beachgoers watched as the crew headed towards the shoreline and then pop into Winterton Dunes Beach Cafe". Worried about what I wonder; missing a chance to gawp at some poor bugger in distress?
Next time I see a fire engine parked outside Greggs, I'll give the Telegraph a ring.
God forbid anybody in the Forces has any style and panache left! Don't get me wrong; I hate crabs as much as the next man but let's be honest, the ability to land your helicopter on a beach is cool. And ultimately we're all jealous...
And when the crew returned, they found their helicopter had been wheel-clamped.
"They went outside and waved to us all as they left and it was very nice to see."

Says it all really!


It doesn't say whether they produced a MOD90 and asked for Forces Discount.
Cheezuz. I once had a chopper land in the car park of the Ship Inn, Porlock and took the crew into the pub for lunch (no booze). On another occasion me and a chopper pilot navigated up and down the Danish north sea coast by following roads and reading road signs. I guess the telegraphs main reporters were too pissed to go looking for real news.
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