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Usual disclaimer about load data being caveat emptor etc etc.

I have done a whole load of load development over the years, yet certain loads seemed always to stand out.

Pretty much irrespective of bullet weight or type, for instance, 3.6 grains Bullseye/Ba10/ N 310 does not seem to be able to be beaten in either 38 special (with the exception of wadcutters) or 45 ACP. I have found this to the point where the 1st thing I do is just load up this load and take it to the range, and I have not yet felt that it could be improved upon, particularly in the light of the thousands of rounds of load of element over the years that all seem to come out at basically the same result.

I've not yet found this phenomenon personally with Rifle calibres, but Ed Harris has found a similar thing with moderate cast bullet loads in full-size cartridges, 16 grains of 2400 or 13 grains of RedDot not being able to be improved upon, irregardless of cartridge and bullet within quite broad limits. (I've not yet been able to push my cast bullet adventures up to these kinds of velocities yet due to my rather oversized Enfield barrel...)

Has anyone else noticed a similar phenomenon?
75gn of "medium" Black Powder seems to work in anything with a long barrel over .45 (including shotguns)!

38gn N140 also seems to work in lots of .30ish calibres..
38 grains of H380 Pushing a 50-55gr bullet in any 22-250 (Either 1-12/1-14 twist) is reasonably good as a starting load I have found. Then just a matter of tweaking COL for that particular rifle. Using Magnum or large rifle primers doesnt seem to give any advantage.

Personally I use Varget as I can use it in .223, 22-250 and .308!
I find that 23.9 grains of Varget behind either a 75gn hornady A-max or a 77gn SMK does the business in both my 223's (better than 1 moa at the 300 yard mark). Doesn't seem to make any difference whether I use RG, Lapua or Federal cases either.
Varget also works well in my 7.62 with the 155 sierra palma bullets.


The brass shouldnt really have a massive impact for most shooters. I know a chap who is totally **** yet regularly tops the silverware in Match Rifle so it pays every now and again to let him batch your brass and uniform it. I keep him away from dies though as setting up one calibre can take all day and invariably means you can feed from a magazine!
39.0 grains N140 has ended up being my "go to" load for 303 British, having been settled on with 2 different bullets in 2 different rifles, after 2 independent sets of load development.
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