Go tec or not

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by sig_armstrong, Nov 2, 2003.

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  1. go tec

  2. don't go tec

  1. HI all,
    I have just joined the sigs and I have been offered tec do I take it or not?
    if not which other trade shoud I go for ?

  2. If you want more money, a fast car, nice women and an all round better life then go tech, the question you need to ask yourself though is this - can you put up with the stigma? If not go Dvr / Lnm.
  3. If you've been offered Tech, and therefore they think you are good enough, then i'd say go for it. The life seemed slightly better from what i saw and from promotion and pay prospects there is no contest! :lol:
  4. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    go for it
    just make sure that you like maths though!!
  5. If 'God' (aka SSGT) says tech, go for it ;)
  6. if you have the brains go for it..if you have brainsAND common sense go civvie and earn a proper wage. oops too late you've signed up :D
  7. If you want to go Tech then do it quickly! I have heard that HQ SOinC is looking into stopping techs instant promotion to LCpl once qualified at Class 3. Whether this is a complete break from the time promotion I do not know.

    Anyway, coz techs are betterer and cleverer than everyone else, you should still get promoted before the operators and driver types :D

  8. if you didn't go for it let us know what you are doing now
  9. It seems that Techs need to attend 'Grammar and spelling' courses in English!!