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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by GO Outdoors, Sep 27, 2011.

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  1. I am an employee of the retailer GO Outdoors.
    We are just about to open a new store in Colchester and as a result, the powers that be are considering putting in a specific 'Military' department into the shop.

    What Im looking for is feedback on peoples opinions to GO Outdoors branching into selling Military kit, and more specifically, what type of kit you'd like to see in the stores?

    My first thoughts are Lowa and/or Altberg boots, Snugpak doss bags and jackets, and maybe Karrimor rucksacks? We already do great stoves etc, so its more the military specific ideas that would be the most help. Its you guys on here that know best what you want though, so Im open to any (serious) suggestions!

    Thanks in advance for your input.

    GO Outdoors
  2. I quite like Go Outdoors, it's stack em high and flog em cheap. I'm bit sure you'll get the volume with Mil kit. But lowa boots etc and snugpack always sell, probably because they're not exclusively Mil brands.
  3. Altberg boots are shite in my opinion.
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  4. Thanks ironrations! Yeah GO Outdoors is a discounter at the end of the day, so Im hoping that if they do decide to go ahead with it then we'll be able to get some pretty good deals going.
  5. Noted jarrod248, thanks. I personally prefer Lowas if Im honest, but again, its your guys opinion Im after.
  6. I'm a fan of go outdoors, so sounds good.

    A pilot trial will tell you if the public are up for it. The public's view is, if it is good enough for the military it must be good kit. (just don't tell them about Clansman, or DMS boots or .........)
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  7. Thanks bobj
  8. And how about stocking arcteryx kit...
  9. You could do no harm in opening a shop in Aldershot....pain in the arse going to Basingstoke all the time.
    Milletts here in town have just started doing a 'Specialised Section' with Snugpack jackets and doss bags and various other items aimed at the Army, the only other place to do anything here is HM Supplies.
  10. will they be flogging the stuff on line then?
  11. Are you going to do a discount?
  12. If you can stock these of a quality and perfomance of bygone days, i.e. they don't bend or fall to ******* pieces (and that's just getting them out of the vacuum wrap), I'll take a dozen.

  13. Damn you beat me to it, although i'm already a Go outdoors discount card holder & regular visitor to my local store

    I echo JD's point, A military dept in only 'one' store in Colchester, I would suggest to your powers at be to opening/widening it to just one store (besides if you can beat rip off Silverman's it's a good start).
  14. Troopers and Dragon do a roaring trade there but both arent cheap so I guess there's a market :)
  15. I would also suggest that you consider adding a military department at the GO Outdoors in Stockton as it's a twenty minute drive from Catterick garrison.