Go on, you know you want to.......

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hellsbrink, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. Yes, the 'tards are out in force planning a "Global March Against Chemtrails And Geoengineering" on 25/08/2013 in various cities around the world. They also have various FarceBook pages such as


    Go on, you know you want to comment on their pages, you know you want to have something to do on Sunday 25/08.

    Make a difference, tell these people what you REALLY think..............

    (They're even printing the nonsense off and feeding everyone's mailboxes with it, shame they didn't leave a phone number or email address on the piece of A4 telling me all I never knew about chemtrails. Make a difference, tell the world how the truth is out there......)
  2. I don't know... will I get banned?
  3. MMM... Yummy chemtrails!
  4. Let's ban clouds!

    I haven't laughed so much for ages, please tell me it's a wah!
  5. It seems to be serious, as I said I got a piece of A4 in my mailbox telling me all about the march, and all about how the chemtrails aren't used by the Government for "mind control" any more but are now chemicals and heavy metals being sprayed into the upper atmosphere in a bid to fight Climate Change and have been used in this way since the 90's.

    So if this is a hoax it's an elaborate one with websites like this, multiple facebook pages, what looks like organised protest marches AND loons sticking photocopied pamphlets into everyone's mailboxes. In Brussels, for example, they are not getting permission to march but are going to be allowed to have a stationary protest and that will be either at Bruxelles Midi rail station or at Schuman station where the EU people tend to not be, especially on a Sunday!
  6. Banned from where? Fartbook?
  7. Global march? Do these fuckers have any idea just how far that is?

    I realise that they've picked a bank holiday weekend but they're not even setting off until the Sunday.
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  8. That group thing. Probably lesbians.
  9. Well I can't go I think I'll be camping in the Peak District, can someone give my apologies?
  10. To the inhabitants of the Peak District? Tell them yourself.
  11. **snigger **

    Say "Hi" to my brother if you bump into him

  12. Well that's the climate fucked then if the chemicals they're going to use are as effective at combating climate change as the 'mind control' ones.

    Whose minds did they control and in what way, may I ask

  13. Pardon me for being a bit thick, but how does adding to the pollution content of the upper atmosphere prevent global warming? Surely more pollution means more retained heat?

    Second surely its a good thing to fight global warming?
  14. This is a piss take, surely. You'd have to be a proper 'tard to buy that shit. Someone is trying to wind up the yoghurt knitters (and hopefully succeeding!).
  15. No the marchers, get near the front, you'll be first in the bar.