go on the Irish!

Calm down sailor.. calm down.. you are beginning to sound like English supporters after England win a major game! Next game will have you feelin how I am feeling now..... f*ckin pished off! Well done though, now we can hopefully sack Sven C*nt-Eriksson.
Actually I deleted everything I originally said... England were sh1te... fair play to the Brits across the water...
F_A_B__BABY! said:
ohh err history made!!! go on Norn Iron. good to see Lawrie has started to turn it around..............
Let’s face it FAB, Doha Dave could have scored carrying you on his back the way England played. It’s about time someone gave the Mutant Chav Rooney a slap the way he was gobbling off after getting the yellow card.
hardehardehardehar doha dave couldn't score in a who*ehouse with a twenty pound note stuck to his head!
All the same good to see the chav(Shrek) get the grin wiped off his big face, short lived as it may be
Well that gives N.Ireland 3 things to talk about....

1. Beating England at football in the '30's.
2. Beating England at football in 2005.
3. The Titanic was built in Belfast.
4. Reigning Home Championship Champions
I was in Belfast last night and I can see why the Northern Irish are going mental - theres feck all else to excite them!
Except the Whiterock parades tomorrow....
What a win for NI, the best team by far on the night. England are just a bunch of over paid pre-madonnas.
I admit i'm as far from England's biggest fan as it gets....BUT...it is rather worrying what's become of the team when...

Malta - who rank 136th in the world apparently - draw with N. Ireland in a game mid-august...and that same N. Ireland team goes on to beat England.

If the England team are not p1ssing themselves right now, they really should be!
ok fair dues but we did have a home win on saturday before the England game, whats not to say that we have lit the blue touch paper? we might even get in double figures in the world rating :) as apposed to triples :-(

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