Go on Name the Major Mr Yon!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pacestick, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. Yon Blog

    Well Media OPs have done themseves no favours then - good blokes!! :evil:
  2. I fully take on board what Yon says about good and bad.
    This cnut in Bastion sounds like a Russian Commissar and I have no doubt there are others. That being the case I hope the tar sticks to those types while the rest get on with doing, what sounds like, a reasonable job.

    This is the classic muzzle/foot interface.
  3. Coincidence that this should be published at the same time that MoD admitted that the Chinook WAS shot down?

  4. i remember seeing a response from the media ops people- it was posted here somewhere??? about why Yon's imbed was cancelled, and now to hear this lot - fcuk - i feel almost ignorant to the propagander machine that the MOD are running - it's worse than the WW I/II stuff!
  5. As much as I like Mr Yon's reports I tend to treat the media with as much sceptesism as I do politicians speeches.
    There are two sides to every story, Mr Yon has published his....
  6. Michael Yon ought to team up with mintymcginty - two of the best around. And having minty around might appeal to the lads a bit more.
  7. i trust Yon more than i trust our esteemed government at the moment!
  8. You may have a valid point there, he is still a journalist though.....
  9. I'd be interested to hear tearsbeforebedtime's take on this and I hope the friendly media types pick up this line:

    "Bob Ainsworth is covered in British blood and painfully deceptive. Henceforth, he will always be known as “Bullshit Bob”"

    No punches pulled there, Michael!
  10. Good point, a journo is a journo, but for this bloke it can be forgotten. Top bloke, doubt many others would fight there corner in person like that.
  11. For journo bashers, lets not forget one critical point about Michael Yon; ex US SF squaddie journo.

    His squaddie instincts have got him into trouble before, picking up a gun whilst covering a unit in Iraq a few years ago.
    TCTND or Ross Kemp he is definately not
  12. A journalist that I trust a damn sight more than our government.
  13. How much do you want to bet that the Meda Ops SO2 is TA? Not wishing to disparage the TA, but the story has all the hallmarks of a mobilised TA officer with little actual operational experience big timing it.
  14. PTP's been a bit quiet on ARRSE recently. :wink: