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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by haggler, Oct 29, 2011.

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  1. Grace

    this girl goes to my daughters school ---always smiling despite the problems she has ---download the app or pass this on

    please do not walk on by

    It will give you credit when the reaper comes calling and checks your internet use

    I am still a horrible cnut btw but this girl deserves a chance
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  2. I click a link with School, Daughters and Cash and all I get is some charity case - What the fuck is the internet coming to!?!
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  3. Where's the links to donate then mate ????
  4. Near the end of the pay period, small amount donated, a bit more come pay day.
  5. What's the background and why can't the NHS help?
  6. My Google works:

  7. Thanks for anyone that has helped -even if you post it elsewhere it will help.

    They are very near the total now. They were outside asda in Northampton today with Grace. Tragic that she has to do such stuff to get the help she needs .

    The nhs has so many demands that they have to make harsh decisions. I know that there are thousands of kids with horrible problems just as worthy of help. It just happens that this one I know and i cant help thinking what I would be like if that was my daughter.

    If she gets the treatment i will update you ---would be great to see her walking into the assembly at school.

    Thanks again folks.
  8. Gavin Windram is fundraising for The Tree Of Hope Children's Charity

    thank you so much anyone that gave ---this little girl has raised enough to get a chance to walk again.

    If you feel like getting her ongoing help bung another quid in the tin.

    I know there are millions of other worthy causes so do it if it pleases you

    dale and pip good on you
  9. Piss taking bitch.
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  10. fackin kwality next time i see her at the school I will mention that !!!
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