Go on - Buy a Brick

Fab idea... in memorium for my dad :D
Bought 2 a couple of days ago.
Good idea ExPad, got mine in memory of two dear friends.
Worthy of a Bump.

As well as helping to build my future home your name goes on the roll of honour which is going to be held in the museum.

A good way to remember those we will not make it to the Royal Hospital.
Watched the Pensioners practise for Founders Day today. 320 blokes from different capbadges all in step with medals glinting like crazy in the sun. Did my heart good.

Infirmary looks like it needs a few more bricks, go on buy one and be remembered on the roll of honour forever more.
Just got a couple. Outstanding idea.
Oh, alright then, I'll have 2 please (now bought)

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