Go green - make the world hotter!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. ho ho ho! greeeen giant!...,"please note that this is not an endorsement of green valley products"..........anyway, I'm not too sure about the science involved, as warmer air will still rise, one would think the cooler air would momentarily counter balance the situation, though now I suspect it might have more to do with the proportion of warmer air... still I reckon wind farms are daft, as an island nation you'd think tidal energy would be a priority, if not just a more reliable/constant/predictable/efficient method?
  2. This is well known effect on the local albedo.

    "It's a LOCAL concern, for LOCAL people"
  3. So there you go, global warming IS happening, the science is settled.
  4. Fan assisted oven - it's obvious innit.
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  5. It's well know that the wings of a butterfy can be bad enough... I warned em but no...they thought that they knew better!
  6. A spokesman for the Texan oil companies said " We did not comission this report, nor did we eat that deliciously plump pigeon!"

  7. Yup - the science is settled. That's been the politicians' cry for the last 10 years, even though there's been no serious scientific debate. Once politicos get hold of an idea, they will cling to it for all their worth, regardless of what else may surface.

    The Wail On Sunday 29 January put out a story that the Met Office had said that there had been no overall temperature rise since 1995 (Forget global warming - it's Cycle 25 we need to worry about (and if NASA scientists are right the Thames will be freezing over again) | Mail Online). The Met office then issued a statement refuting the Wail's article (Met Office in the Media: 29 January 2012 « Met Office News Blog) and maintained that global warming was still zooming ahead. But a counter-claim was put out on 31 January by The Observatory (Dr David Whitehouse: The Mail on Sunday, the Met Office and the Temperature Standstill) to the effect that increases in global temperatures since 1995 really were zero. NASA's GISS, a former avid supporter of AGW appears to support this last one.

    Terminology plays a part in all this - Global Warming (GW) could be construed to be the same as Climate Change (which really is going on), but Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is the proposal/belief/religion that man has caused the all the warming, as supported by governments, the EU, the UN and Al Gore, all of whose knowledge drives from the Met Office. This is the nearest we have ever come to a proper debate on the subject and comprises loads of mud-slinging from either extreme. Which leaves you and me standing in the middle wondering WTF is going on. And in the meantime, these august organisations continue to spend our taxes protecting their respective positions.

    As far as onshore wind turbines are concerned, all those involved in their advancement are ignoring one basic fact: that the wind does not blow all the time. Therefore, all wind farms need a back-up supply which, with oujr technology and financial resources, boils down to traditional coal-powered stations - another thing the government doesn't tell us. As a reader's comment in the Telegraph article said: remove all the subsidies and then see what support onshore wind farms really have. Crap, innit!
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  8. I do my bit for the environment.
    While I may tool around in a gas guzzling penguin and polar bear melting and puppy drowning 4x4, I usually have the air conditioning on so that should offset the global warming the engine is producing. ;P
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  9. They should put a few wind generators in the Houses of Parliament, there's enough hot air produced there.
  10. Yes, but folk don't like barrages. They obscure the view of the RSPB reserve from the car with the engine on to keep warm whilst having a lovely picnic. Except for the Thames Barrier of course which is a bit of history, like the Tower of London.

  11. One of the more amusing things in life living in a more rural and scenic part of the world as I do, is seeing lots of right on people with their kids rocking up to the local nature reserves in their Range Rover Vogues or Volvo XC-90's dripping with bikes, they then go and be good little greens and ride about a bit of their mountain bikes before having a nice lunch at the responsible, sustainable and organically sourced vegetarian restaurant, (£10 a pop for a rabbit food sandwich and a fairtrade latte), and then driving back to the city in their gas guzzlers having ticked the weekly 'green' boxes.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Yup like the ***** who drive to the gym and use the exercise bikes, twats all of them!
  13. ^ I've always considered hooking all of those running machines and the such up to generators. you know sorta like the proverbial human-hamster cage farm
    :p but isn't it only gulls that fly about the seas? me poor ol' dad had his ice cream nicked by the seaside e did, one of those mucky birds filled his boots, although to be fair the bird brained bastard failed to heed my/ or the massive "beware of seagulls" sign warning him of his impending doom.....anyway greenies have been hypocritical since the inception of the ecomologicalwotzitsism movement, Al Gore is just one of the latest examples, but back to the tidal stuff, I though there was a tidal generator on the news some months back, if I recall correctly it was submerged, so that'd be a one up on the windmills.---------------However I still see more unhealthy matters arising from pollutants and the greed driven dash to consume everything on the planet,... also have they figured out what to do with that green stuff yet?
  14. So the science is...

    The movement of the turbines disrupts the air and raises the temperature but the movement of the wind (that is moving the turbines) doesn't.

    But ultimately the temperatures are still 'there'. It isn't like the green house effect is it?

    I think this is a bit of desperation move on someones part, and it is utter hoop.