Go Fund Me - Spinal Implant for WO2 (REME)

Read my thread on disc replacement.

I know of two cases, one personally, the other I read in a medical paper:

1. Navy SEAL who had broken vertebrae effectively paralysed from the neck down. Surgery for the vertebrae and then had the intervertabral disc replaced with a prosthesis similar to the one I had. He now walks again.

2. In the earlier days of disc replacement there was a pioneering Doc in Munich, now retired. I read one of his case papers about a woman from Morrocco who had been wheelchair bound for around 10 years due to an accident. His examination gave the opinion that it was undue pressure on nerves caused by a severely damaged disc that was causing her inability to walk. He operated, replaced the disc with a prosthesis and she started physio and strength exercises to get back to walking.

Drop my surgeon a line, he will assess MRI's and see if he can do anything.

Dr Biren Desai,
Aachener Str. 445-449
50933 Köln


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