Go Compare and dry bum rape.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scuba_frog, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. I appreciate there is an annoying adverts thread but this fcuker.......well this fcuker deserves a thread of his own. Well covered in other thread but it has got to the point I want to kill my family and plead insanity when this cnut comes on. My daughter has got it as her mobile ring-tone and Maddie gets pinched- theres no justice.

    Would it be wrong to dry bum rape that fcuker from the Go Compare advert? Would it be wrong to plunge a bolt filled sock into his maniacially masticating maw and watch him gargle and choke on his own splintered teeth and would it be wrong to pound his kidneys with a jack hammer whilst screaming GO COMPARE THIS FOR FECKING PAIN until they are pureed and could be used as a thickening agent for a watery spag bol? Would it be wrong to tie his family up in front of him and insert Churchill nodding dogs, copiously wrapped up in razor wire, up all orifices as he watches on helplessly and pleads that we at least spare his cat? Would it. FCUKING WOULD IT!!!???

    If Go Compare ofered me free car insurence for life I'd demand his spleen sauteed and pickled on a bed of rocket, fennel and asparagus; lightly garnished with white truffle, sourced and picked from Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's duaghter's clunge during a full moon and under the glare of Halleys Comet before I signed up for the deal. And then I'd negotiate some more.

    I can't believe these cnuts have commisssioned a third ad, this time with the cnut singing through a letterbox. I've taken precautions and a wire coat-hanger sits permanently on my coathook just in case. Joking aside, I really think these cnut-verts show the contempt these people hold the paying public in.

    And don't even get me started about the volume going up during the break.

    It's lucky I've been able to vent my anger at work and carve this tirade into a comatose wino's stomach, terminate the full term pregnancy of some horse-toothed yuppie bank manager from Epsom and tell a father his 12 year old has spyh, gonnorhea and a brown baby on the way otherwise I would have had to come home and take this out on my family.

    Am I being unreasonable?
  2. Am I being unreasonable?

  3. To be fair. The advert has worked, as you clearly won't stop talking about it.
  4. I havent read most of the above, but I for one quite like that advert with its catchy little melody, expertly sung by that fat man. In fact, so much so that I often sing it aloud when I'm in the shower.
  5. You know you like it really.
  6. You and your Mrs don't live in Epsom do you? If not, i think you need to talk to your daughter.....white grandad.
  7. Swing and a miss
  8. Not quite Levi Bellfield eh....?
  9. Don't know, do you have violent tendencies and like murdering children?
  10. Oh...how well you know me. Like Hitler, I might only have one ball however it's in my hammer and fcuks women....
  11. For once, I actually concur with the nudger! Didn't giggle once!
  12. Well I wouldn't touch yours Jarrod - you got there first mate, i respect that.
  13. A thread appears containing the word "bum" and 2 minutes later jarrod appears :D ffs jarrod have you got some sort of device wired to your pooter that activates a siren when bum appears?
  14. To be fair, at least they made some effort, better than those cnuts at webuyanycar.com

  15. OOhhh..Was that a bite Jarrod? I respect the fact you got there first. Go for it son....grass on the wicket, lets play cricket.....Piece of advice - don't take your PC in for repair to PC World :D And try not to appear too outraged on interweb threads. Less is more if you know what I mean...