Go-ahead for hackers extradition

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. A US request to extradite a British computer hacker accused of the "biggest military hack of all time" has been granted by Home Secretary John Reid.
    Gary McKinnon, who is accused of breaking into US government computer networks, has been fighting extradition since his arrest in November 2002.

    His family says he has 14 days to appeal against the extradition.

    Mr McKinnon told the BBC he was "very worried and feeling very let down by my own government".

    Oh dear what a shame, Should have banged one off hacking a porn site instead!.
  2. That'll teach him, to get a life.
    Thinking on it, he probally will get life :eek:
  3. Going to be embrassing when they found out how he did it .Hardly a master mind by all accounts.
  4. Serves him right to be honest....
  5. Yes the guy is a bit of a tinfoil hat wearer and seemingly has less computer skills than Glasgow. He just read a few basic try these for unprotected systems and was in. The real criminals are the guys who set up such lax network security.

    Bit of div to go snooping round US gov systems straight after 9/11 though. What does not seem right is that the US can now extradite citizens of the UK without having to prove much in a UK court, I say they should bring all their evidence here and settle under British law (since technically the offence took place here breaking UK law). Its not like we are some corrupt banana republic. What are they scared of? EU law probably!

    Some biased but intresting stuff here;


  6. Probably get a job working them anyway !!

  7. he might even get the death penalty.
  8. he was off his face on dope looking for proof of ufo's and some silly sod din'nt even password servers etc :(
    they were lucky it was some doped up mong rather than someone intent on serious mayhem :cry:
  9. My bold. This has got to be a p1ss-take!

    I've been loosely following this case for some time and, apparently, the evidence is rather thin. However, it seems that the Septics don't need much proof at all to get somebody extradited. Just a vague suspicion will do.

    I wonder what would happen if a Septic happened to crack British military sites. Would Phoney Tony insist that the Septics hand over the culprit?

  10. Bottom line: Our man Gary alledgedly broke the law and is off to face the music. Sorry for your luck Gary, but life really is a bytch! :)

    Quick fellas while the thread is hot .....see how fast you can turn this one into another septic/brit bashing thread of complete and utter bollox.
  11. Although we're shipping folk off to the septics as fast as we can (Google "Nat West 3" for anoher case), they haven't ratified their side of the treaty, so won't ship folk to us on the same basis.

  12. Yes it was a bit ;-)

    If a US citizen hacked UK military sites we would currently have to prove the case in a US court before he could be handed over. This is where its all a bit wrong as our government has agreed to send UK citizens to the US for trial with little proof of guilt but did not secure a recipricol arrangement. Furthermore 'poor' Gary committed the crime and was arrested before this agreement had been signed. The CPS had deemed insufficent evidence and dropped the case - he probably would have only got a light sentence if convicted anyway. The US however obvously were not impressed and having had the wind put up them by the whole afair wanted someone to carry the can. Whether they actually have any concrete proof it was him and not some other hacker remains to be seen. To be fair if he is tried in the US system and has enough money he should walk, after all the US legal system in many ways has not been corrupted like our own. If he ends up in the military system I hope he likes mixing with islamic fundamentalists! The prosecution are certainly viewing him as a potential terrorist.