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I was just reading the most recent honours list, when I came across this:

"Gunner Grant Guy of The Royal Regiment of Artillery is also awarded the Military Cross for his extreme bravery and utter selflessness. In site of his junior rank he helped the company prevail by taking charge at critical moments of a desperate situation. Gnr Guy repeatedly placed himself in extreme danger in order to extract a comrade from the killing area". ((c) MOD).

Tell that man to "take a "Well Done"" and if you see him, buy him a beer.
mr.onemadjock said:
western said:
Recce19 said:
western said:
Cheeky! :D Thanks for that.

Maybe brave, but his capbadge is nearly above his ear 8O
Kids today eh? :)
does it matter where his badge is at least his intentions were in the right place oh by the way what letters do you have after YOUR name D.I.C.K
So, angemeldet today with two posts to your name. First one you fucked up and both were agressive in nature. Welcome to Arrse. :roll:

No, you're right and I apologise for not having my head up my own arse, as you appear to have. It was a tongue in cheek comment, which was clearly too much for you to comprehend. :roll:

If you want your dummy back, either ask nicely or go and get it yourself.
Good to see the regiment starting to reccomend the lads for awards. He is indeed serving in & (Sphinx) Cdo Battery up in Arbroath. There was a spread in the local papers about him and the lads from 45 Cdo RM who had won other medals

So a massive well done to him and all the others

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