Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by no1cares, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. what distance and how often should one run when one wants to lose some love handles? Talkin g about 10lbs worth of blubber.

  2. There's more than just running involved, don't forget to think about how much you're eating as well.
  3. Yeah i knew that. I eat healthily. 3 meals a day, cereal, sandwich and dinner, no snacks. I don't drink either...............
  4. !teid yhtlaeh a thiw tnemilpmoC. emit a snim 03 rof keew a semit 3 ro 2 tratS. yelwols pu dliuB.

    .sdanh ym no emit hcum oot yaW.
  5. its sdnah not sdanh.

  6. Type normall. Then you might get some answers.
  7. ? 'sdanh ton sdnah s'ti' naem uoy t'noD
  8. smart arrrse
  9. !ho'D.